Monday, October 15, 2007

Making a good post

Based on your observations in class today, we've come up with a list of what makes a good blog post. You are welcome, of course, to do what you like with the suggestions, but we all agreed they make reading blogging posts easier.

- keep it short, not too long

- clearly structured in short paragraphs - 1 paragraph per idea / link /concept

- keep paragraphs similar lengths

- do what you can to catch the reader's eye

- space between contents

- only center a title or a poem/song lyrics, etc.

- justify a text

- links: not the url but just a clickable word

- links integrated into the text

- use of colors to catch reader's attention, to organize, to define titles and content, but use yellow, orange, red and pink sparingly on a white background as they're difficult to read

- check the size with a preview before publishing

- use bullet points for lists

To sum up: make it readable. English is a writer-responsible language, i.e. you, writer, are responsible for making what you write easy for your reader to read.

Hope this helps!


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