Wednesday, May 13, 2009

trojan horse

The Trojan horse, also known as trojan, in the context of computing and software, describes a class of computer threats (Malware) that appears to perform a desirable function but in fact performs undisclosed malicious functions that allow unauthorized access to the host machine, giving them the ability to save their files on the user's computer or even watch the user's screen and control the computer.
When a malicious program is disguised as something innocuous or desirable, users may be tempted to install it without knowing what it does. This is the technique of the Trojan horse.
For a malicious program to accomplish its goals, it must be able to do so without being shut down, or deleted by the user or administrator of the computer
Trojan Horses (not technically a virus) can be easily and unwittingly downloaded.
(source: WIkipedia)
Trojan in American English is also the name used for condoms or rubbers!!
(source: Professor Sara Guth)

Trojan Horses are not viruses but softwares which can enter in your computer disguised as a normal program or an application. It is very difficult to understand why people create viruses, malwares and Trojan. We guess they create them in order to make a challenge with operating systems!
There are also creators of Antivirus programs who hire hackers to create Trojans and viruses and send them throught the net, with the final aim to sell the antivirus!

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