Monday, March 09, 2009

E-tivity 2


Hopefully you all were in class and have got your blogs up and running. The biggest challenge with blogging, all the literature shows, is trying to update your blog on a regular basis. During this course that won't be a problem as you'll have weekly tasks to do that I give you ;-) Your blog is going to be your personal learning environment. One aspect of this, at least during the course, is going to be what I call 'reflective blogging' which entails reflecting on your learning process through blogging.

Last week, during the Thursday lessons, you all wrote down your "next language learning targets" that I then photocopied and will give back to you. This week, we're going to explore how you can use your blog to achieve the learning target.


Purpose: To start reflective blogging.

Task: Write a reflective blogging post that includes:

1 - a concise summary of it in a blog post, including how much time you will devote to achieving it;

2 - if anything you've found so far on the blogosphere might help you achieve that target, if so, what, if not, what do you need to look for;

3 - an honest account of whether or not, in the past week, you have done anything you wrote on your learning target sheet!

N.B. Make sure you sign your post and be concise ;-)

Respond: I have placed you in groups (see next post) that you will 'blog with' over the next 8 weeks. Go to the blogs of the other members of your group. Read their posts, take a look at their blogs. Leave a comment on one or more of the posts in each member's blog.

Timeline: Sunday, March 15 (task), Wednesday, March 18(respond).

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