Friday, November 03, 2006

Got it !!!

Hi there everyone!!!

After several useless attempts I ultimately got my own blog ;-)

Let's have a look at it !



Magicesca said...

Hi Alice.
What can I say about your blog?
I really don’t know. It’s an excellent performance for a “basic new blogger” .
You must explain me how to get a link without quoting the web page directly!
The sentences you chose reflect perfectly my opinion about blog. We can’t give an accurate definition of its functions and aims. All is relative when something is so deeply bound with people’s will.
I appreciated also your ability of summing up our first two weeks of blogging.

limbo82 said...

Hi Alice!
I surfed your blog and I found it very interesting!
In my opinion you explained carefully what we have learnt during our english course.
I liked a lot the part in which you gave a definition of blogging etiquette: you specified also some rules which are very important to understand its meaning. Additionally, you had a good idea to put some links in your comment about blog behaviour.
I think that anyone who visit your blog can get a complete explanation about this topic.
I appreciated also the clear way in which you summed up the first two weeks of our course.
Thanks a lot.


il_contribuente said...

Hi Alice!
I like your blog by the reason of the fact that in order to attract people's attention and to provide complete information, you have optimized it through a great number of links and different colours which stress the keywords inherent in your learning process and presentation.