Friday, November 03, 2006

Valentina's blog

Hi everyone!

At long last!
I have my blog but there is a problem: the pictures are at the end of the page together with the links...I don't know why...

The address is the following:

Have fun looking at it!

Bye bye,


il_contribuente said...

Hi Valentina!
After seeing your blog, I desire to congratulate you on the richness of information you have inserted into it.
You have exhaustively summarized what we have learned up to now, dealing with all the fundamental points.
In addition, I appreciated the fact that you have added some photos which render your blog more attractive.

isaperini said...

hi Valentina, I have just looked at your blog and I found it very nice. It is written in a fluent way and is easy to read. I also liked very much your sharing your interest for abstract art, giving the main information about it so that people like me who do not know it much can start appreciating it. Nice blog! I'll come back to it to see if you add something more about abstract art!
bye, Isabella

Lamericaana said...

Dear Valentina,
I enjoyed the contents of your blog (words and images) but I found it difficult to read. It would be easier if you: use a larger font, put spaces between your paragraphs, divide different contents (impressions of the blogosphere, abstract art) into different posts. Just a few suggestions.

danielina82 said...

Hi Valentina,
I enjoyed a lot your blog because I found it very attractive, either as regards the contents about blogging and abstract art or as regards the images you inserted. Additionally, I liked a lot the pink background you chose. I think that it, together with the paintings, can't avoid catching readers'eyes immediately.