Monday, December 18, 2006


Thanks to the work of all of us, edutech is richer in information and new interesting pages now.

Podcasting page is the thoroughest one: it contains a comprehensive description of all that is related to the podcasting world and some of its paragraphs expand on the subject by focusing on the educational usage of podcasts. These ones are important sections because we have to bare in mind that edutech is a wiki that wants to provide contents related to educational technologies.
As the layout is concerned, it makes the page easy to read: the contents are well-organized into different sections and sections are divided in little paragraphs.
Additionally, it is commendable the use of lots of links and examples.
I think there is only one thing to correct: the URL in the references should be visible (this doesn't apperar in other pages of ours, too)

Social bookmarking page, thanks to Lara's contribution, is richer in contents: the section she added allow readers to understand how many advantages they can obtain by using a socialbookmarking website. I think this section is well-organized in nice little paragraphs and it is fluent to read, but I also believe that is unnecessary to divide this section from the previous one, because it contains only two sentences concerning language learning: it should be better create only one section entitled "Educational Usage".

E-tutoring page
, after some modifications Alice has made, is a very presentable page now: the division of the contents in three different sections makes the layout clearer and enable readers to identify easily and rapidly the various contents the page is about.

Behaviourism page is very interesting. The second section about "The early years of behaviourism" is written very well: the use of several connectors makes the text very cohesive. As regards the whole content of the page, I think it should be nice to add some information about neo-behaviourism given that it is popular in educational field and the website in which this page appears focuses on education.

Programmed istruction page contains a number of significant information about the subject. Francesca's contribution has enriched the page with new contents organizing them in various sections. She has done a good work, but she hasn't tried to harmonize her own contribution with the contributions of the other authors. Indeed, what lacks in this page is cohesion among the various parts, in particular between the first sections and the last ones: the graphic style of titles should be equalized and all references and links should be moved at the bottom of the page.

Website page, thanks to the contributions of Isabella and I, doesn't contain only a brief definition of what a website is: now there are more sections, each of them developping specific aspects related to websites. Additionally, thanks to some corrections and modifications that have been made, the page has improved. For example, the section "Websites as a new genre" has acquired more authoriry by adding the name of the book from which some information has been taken, references have been cited correctly and links to other pages in the wiki have been created.


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