Sunday, December 17, 2006

Francesca's feedback

The main intricacies of providing feedback of a collection of pages is choosing the best way of organizing it.

At first, I was tempted to find one quality and one imperfection in my colleagues’ works. However, it was not easy to do so, because I think that they have all done an excellent contribution to Edutech wiki.
Moreover, while reading their documents, I realized that they have many features in common and that’s the way I would like to organise my feedback. As this analysis has been very useful for my language and computer knowledge, I’m going to list the common points of their works that impressed me more.

  1. Clear layout
  2. Paragraphs well organised and divided according to the subjects they dealt with
  3. The use of lists and bold words facilitates reading on line and gives a global view on topics
  4. Capability of providing examples: that means they are aware of their importance for a person who first visit this wiki or simply does not know the topics very well.
  5. Excellent use of internal links not only in order to give unity and cohesion to the contribution, but also to present Edutech wiki as a whole.

I appreciated most some colleagues’ efforts of dealing with subjects related to our course that we haven’t dealt with directly. All this shows that the knowledge we have acquired so far, makes us feel more confident about a wider range of topics.

I really enjoyed contributions based both on sources and personal experience.
Entering into details, sources give authority to a text (especially if they are numerous) and make the research more accurate, while personal experience enriches wikis, giving them a “friendly mark” and creating a sort of true testimony. In my opinion, if you want your wiki to be original and reliable, a balanced mix of both of them is required.


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