Monday, February 26, 2007

In-class, Day 1

If you've never blogged before or are unfamiliar with the software we are using, blogger, click here to find out how to get started.

Furthermore, since I'm assuming you have limited experience blogging, I think it might be a good idea to go over a little etiquette for blogging. Etiquette involves basic rules like 'always sign your name', 'always cite your sources', 'don't be offensive', etc. Take a look at these resources then please send a comment with what you consider the 5 most important rules for blogging. These are, obviously, just 3 resources. If you find any others that are better, please send us the urls!

one blog post on etiquette for the blogging nation
top 10 weblog ethics

a learner's impression of blogs



Anonymous said...

Dear all,
I have just found a link which I think might be useful to better understand what a blog is and how it should be. I hope it helps.

Erica Buzz

Anonymous said...

I think the 5 most important rules for blogging are:

1. always sign your name
2. always cite your sources
3. be polite
4. be original
5. write something meaningful

Alessandra Peron

ilaria said...

the most important things to do when writing a comment or a post in a blog are:
_don't write anything inappropriate nor anything which has nothing to do with the topics or subjects dealt with in the blog
_don't be unpolite nor rude
_ sign the comments and the posts

Anonymous said...

I think the most important rules to write a blog are:
-be rational and clear;
-be realistic;
-if we quote other resources or blogs we should put their links, so that other people can check them;
-if we are putting comments, they refer to the argument of the blog, and not to other arguments.

Anonymous said...

Dear all, the anonimous comment after that of Ilaria is mine. I forgot to put my name...Sorry
Erica Buzzacarin

Susanne March said...

The five most important rules for blogging:

1) cite and link the sources
2) be polite and kind
3) respect other's privacy and opinions
4) sign the posts
5) the comments should be appropriate

Other good resources regarding the conventions of politeness and basic rules we should follow when using Internet forums are:

Susanne March

viola said...

Dear bloggers,
I think the 5 most important rules are:
- use proper language
- make few grammar or spelling mistakes
- cite the sources
- write useful comments
- when writing a comment do not try to draw the attention away from the person who wrote the post!


Alessandra Teso said...

Well...after having read the sources proposed, I think that the most important rules to create our own blogs and to contribute to the others’ are:
- be personal and original, expressing always our own point of view about the topics,
- be respectful in commenting the others’ ideas and be coherent with their issues,
- be accurate and clear, don’t tell lies,
- always put sources and links,
- remember that we are writing to a world audience.

martina said...

Dear bloggers,

I think that the most important rules are:

- always sign your posts and comments;
- be polite;
- check grammar and spelling;
- cite your sources;
- (try to) be original.

Alida said...

Dear all,
This is what I consider the most important things to do while writing in a blog or commenting someone else's one:
-Be mindful and nice. No rude/childish behaviour is to be accepted
-Always cite the source of what you mention from other sites or blogs.
-The language you choose to comment other blogs must be similar to the one used by the author.
-Avoid hateful comments. Do not write comments just to promote your own blog.
-Try to avoid grammar or spelling mistakes and don't forget to sign what you write.

Alida said...
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