Monday, March 12, 2007

e-tivity 3

Developing your own blog

Now that you’ve explored the blogosphere and seen other people’s blogs, it’s time for you to work on your own blog. As Tania commented, bloggers "want to express their personal opinions and catch other readers' attention." Several of you also mentioned each bloggers own personal style expressed through their blog. This week it’s time for you to express your creativity and personality, to find your own style, and to figure out how to catch other bloggers' attention.

Have fun working on your blog!!


Purpose: To start developing your own blog in order to start developing an opinion about what blogs are really about and to start reflecting on what you have learned so far.

Task: Log on to blogger and rather than clicking on our course blog, develop your own. (If you have difficulties doing this, please write a post to the blog and I’ll answer with a comment so that everyone can see.) You have the freedom to do whatever you want. First you'll have to choose a name. You could either choose one relevant to this course or one you think might be relevant should you continue using the blog for personal reasons after the course. Remeber: it's your blog. Then choose a style, change the colors, add some links and some images or pictures, etc. Also add some links (modello - elementi - aggiungi elementi - links) - either the blogs you found and liked or websites you use often and would like to have quick reference to when writing on your blog.

Make sure you include: 1 - a welcome message, 2 – a post in which you critically reflect on your first two weeks of blogging and if and in what way you think it can influence your language learning (e.g. reading colloquial English). Then come back to our course blog and make a new post giving us the address of your personal blog.

Respond: Read the other students’ messages in our course blog and go visit all the blogs they have developed. After you've read their blogs, please write a comment on each blog. Remember to check the comments on your own personal blogs.

Timeline: Saturday, March 17 (task), Tuesday, March 20 (respond)

N.B. When blogging now, keep in mind the blogging etiquette you all came up with (go read the comments if you haven't already) and anything you may have learned from exploring the blogosphere.

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