Monday, March 19, 2007

Feedback e-tivity 3

Hello all,

You’ve done a fantastic job creating your blogs and reading you has been very interesting. Overall your language is nearly perfect, though some of you may still want to consider dividing your paragraphs into smaller paragraphs or giving titles to different sub-sections of your posts.

This week feedback focuses on language. As you'll see below I have highlighted some language mistakes. It shouldn’t be too easy for you to find your sentences. However, I want you to take a look at everything I’ve highlighted, not just your sentences, and try and make some corrections. We’ll discuss them ALL next week in class. As always, in the end, let me know if you don’t understand what the mistake is.

One last thing. One of you commented "an aspect of this experience that we all know but nobody stresses: the fact that it is a GROUP experience! I think it is very important, not only because we share doubts and couriosities, but also because we can see how the others solve our same problems and face the tasks Sarah gives us!" I know dealing with all this technology can be quite a challenge (believe me, I was there when I did my Master's last year!), but not only are you learning to exploit the Web for all it has to offer, but you're learning the value of community. That's more than I could hope for. We've all got a lot to teach each other (myself included in this as I do learn a lot from you) so I thank you for your diligence, patience and passion. Keep up the good work!


In these two weeks I understood what they actually are and how much they can be useful and interesting.

The big world of blogs is a labyrinth: you start your reaserch looking for something specific but you don’t know where are you going and what you’re going to meet.

…giving you also the possibility to comment these posts and contact their authors. [word order]

It is mostly informal and colloquial, slangs and spoken expressions are frequent, particularly in comments.

I've been using our course blog for two weeks and spent an amazing amount of time going through blogs

In particular I love my brother, who is 17 and always asks me for help, suggestions, and always quarrels with me for everything.

I'm attending the last course semester at the University of Padua, where I'm going to obtain hte degree in "Lingue Straniere per la Comunicazione Internazionale" by the end of September (hopefully!).

I have always liked studying foreign languages, because I think to know languages is the best and most pleasant way one has to live one's own life, to open one's mind and get in contact with other cultures and people. [It’s better to use ‘you’ rather than ‘one.]

I like also taking people photographs, but I love landscapes much more because I feel that each of these photos I take reflects one of the infinite aspects of my interior side.

I’m following an English course which is based on the use of this “tool”

This course is very useful, we are using new instruments and technologies, which are also new ways of communicating.

I’m referring to the informal English, the one we read while surfing through the web.

However, after two weeks I’ve been attending this course, my impressions and ideas have changed.

Ok, there can be many blogs which are not what they should be supposed to be, anyway what I think now is that blogs are very useful tools if one is looking for some information or something very specific.

People write blogs not only for them but also for the whole world, so what I do not find by myself can be found within someone’s other sources.

I hope to learn the most I can.

I think that surfing the blogsphere is very useful for a student because he/she can come across with colloquial English.

In fact knowing the grammar perfectly won't be enough when you are trying to communicate with foreign people.

Feel free to write me everything you want (but don't forget about the blogging etiquette!)

Honestly I'm feeling rather sad in these days but I don't want to start my blog with something depressing because I don't want anybody to run away from it.

That's why I'd like to write something about a disco which can be probably considered the temple of that kind of music.

STUDIO 54 was said the disco everybody talked about!

You are to find everything about its history and what used to happen there. [I would presume, then,that it no longer exists?]

I've always loved disco music and when I first watched the movie about that place I got literally [word order] crazy!

He starts working into that disco and what happens to him is something amazing

Go into the site

it is actually a good way to keep in touch with everybody feels like joing.

Before starting this course I already knew what blogs are and that they are rather spread in the web.

Even a few friends of mine have their own blogs, where they tell what happens in their life, they upload photos, they make reflections about their personal experiences, they quote impressive sentences taken from songs, books. Their blogs are rather personal, there's nothing extremely intellectual or technical, but all their friends contribute and reading the comments posted makes a lot of fun!

For this aim comments are one of the most positive aspects of blogs.

So if one starts searching first for blogs that treat a specific topic, he might limit the sources fournished and it is easier to find the actual topic he wanted.

It is important for us to speak proper English, but common people use different expressions, different words that might be more difficult for us to understand because we are not used to .

They usually use a very colloquial and informal English. They write in the language they speak everyday and I think this can a good practice for us

Moreover, in the blogosphere you can also find more formal or technical blogs, dealing with some specific subject (professional translation, for example). I think they can be very useful resources for people looking for some specific piece of information. It is a way to share our knowledge and to contribute to improve other people’s skills. So why can’t we take advantage of them?

It will give us not only [word order] the possibility of sharing ideas and opinions, but will also help us learning English.

And moreover, blogging does not mean only communicate between us, but it means being connected with people coming from all over the world, in fact through our blog I’ve already received two messages from people that I don’t know. [punctuation]

it seems to me that everybody has a perfect English

Everybody knows that Internet is an enormous network which allows us to connect with computers all over the world, do researches, publish articles, book flights, etc.

Most of the blogs are written in colloquial English, that is the way people talk in everyday.

I think that communicate in colloquial english is perfect to improve our skills in language because that's the real way natives talk every day.

I have had an idea about slangs and everydays speech when I was in U.S.A. last year, by a friend of mine, Rachel, that lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I stayed there two months, we had an apartment in a big house inside the university campus and because of this I met a lot of guys everyday and I often used to stay with them talking in the port.

My american journey has been fantastic

obviously I used to surf the Net, but I had never given my contribution to a blog nor, to say the truth, had I never visited one!

Creating a blog sounds quite strange to me, I had never thought I would do that but my English professor has assigned us this mission for this semester course and so here I am!

I have to thank my teacher because I'm learning a lot of new things on the web, this is not just an English course but an English-computer course!!!

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