Monday, March 12, 2007

Viola's suggestions for blogs

I have to admit that in my search for some interesting blogs I got completely lost in the blogsphere! I tried to use Technorati as Sarah suggested but it gave me too many links to blogs that didn't really concern what I was looking for! Then I tried with Google and it worked better!

I found an interesting web site, which is, a portal for freelance translators and translation agencies, which has a long list of links to blogs that give tips on techniques and tools and also offer the possibility to share experiences. Inside it I found this blog:, which gives a lot of suggestions on how to become a freelance translator, how to get clients, how to handle payments, etc.

Another interesting blog I found is, inside It is a blog on the English grammar which gives definitions and examples in a very nice and comprehensible way!

I have just entered the world of blogging so I don't know much of it but I have noticed that the majority of blogs use a rather informal style and language. The posts can have different lenghts but they are usually not too long. Bloggers use exclamation marks and capital letters to give emphasis to what they say, and many use slang or even swear words. Basically everyone can write as they like, which I think is right since blogs are a very personal thing!


ilaria said...

Dear Viola,
I had your same problem with Technorati and I had to look for the blogs I was interested in with Google as well. I was happy to read that I was not the only one who had problems with it, I had thought it was my fault but reading your post I realized that the problem was just that: it gave too many links to blogs that didn't really concern what I was looking for!

Get Direct Client said...

Dear Voila,
I am the owner of the blog you mentioned.

Thank you for your nice comments about my blog.
Ostom Ray,

thenakedtranslator said...

Hi Viola

I've just discovered the joys of using Technorati too, but using the search function does take a bit of practice as there are so many results! At first I was sceptical but now I'm a convert :) Try experimenting by using more keywords to narrow down your search, for example if you are looking for information about how to become a freelance translator, then use the words "translator freelance translation" and so on...

Good luck. I think your English is great by the way, and your blog is an excellent way to interact with English speaking people and improve your skills.