Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear Sarah,

I completely forgot to ask you (but maybe someone did as we all agree :D) if it would be possible to switch our lessons to 10.30am because we all attend Fiona's class on Tuesdays and we finish at 10am.

I wish you a nice week!


Lamericaana said...

The lab is free but I don't want to make a decision until I run it by everybody. So, either people will respond to this post by tomorrow or we'll discuss it in class. I had asked Fiona to switch her schedule but she couldn't.


martina said...

Dear all,

I completely agree with Alexandra.

See you in class,

Erica Bergamin said...

I think it would be PERFECT to start just after prof. Dalziel's lesson.
See you tomorrow!

Alessandra P said...

Erica Buzz, Viola and I all agree.

Elena said...

Tania, Alida and I agree!!!

Ale T. said...

I agree! It would be perfect!

ilaria said...

I completely agree! That would be the best solution!