Monday, April 23, 2007

e-tivity 8

Cleaning up the wiki

You all did an excellent job during your first week of wiki-ing but I think it’s clear that there are improvements to be made. We will, therefore, dedicate another two weeks to cleaning up and fixing up your wiki contributions. I’m sure your wiki contributions will be very professional and academic in the end.


Purpose: To improve your wiki contributions based on what we discussed in class in order to make excellent wiki contributions.


1 – If you have not already done so, please save all of the resources you have found in your with the bloggingenglish tag.

2 – Go back and take a look at what you’ve written on the wiki. Ask yourselves the following questions (for example):

- Is my contribution a series of quotations or is it my own paraphrase and summary with the addition of my own ideas and thoughts?

- Have I quoted sources and cited them correctly?

- Have I compiled a correct bibliography?

- Have I made internal links to other pages in the wiki (e.g. if you use the word “wiki” have you made it a link like this: [[wiki]])?

- Have I been clear and concise?

- Have I used paragraphs, divisions and bold to make selective reading easier?

3 – Edit your contribution based on the feedback your peers gave you in class and your answer to the questions in point two making any necessary changes.


1 - Analyse your colleagues’ contributions. Write a post back to the course blog providing feedback (both positive and constructive criticism) on the course blog. I will open messages to each of your wiki pages so please add your feedback by providing a comment to each post.

2 - Make any necessary changes to your wiki contributions based on the feedback provided.

3 - Write a post to your personal blog in which you reflect on any differences / similarities between this wiki experience and last semester's.

Timeline: Monday, April 30 (task), Friday, May 4 (respond point 1), Tuesday, May 8
(respond points 2 and 3)

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