Monday, October 15, 2007

E-tivity 1 : Feedback

Hello there everyone,

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your pictures, reading your posts and clicking on your links. You all did an excellent job letting us know about yourselves through your pictures, explanations and styles of writing. Speaking of style, I noticed some of you were very concise while others wrote longer posts. I also noticed that some of you used a natural but formal style, while others used an almost text-like style of blogging. I hope we'll be able to discuss some of these issues in class. I'd be curious to find out why and to see what your different impressions are.

Just a few comments on 'responding'. When you write a comment on a blog post, you are entering into a sort of conversation with not only the person who wrote the post, but the other bloggers too. This means two things:
1 - If your comment isn't the first one, read the others two, and if appropriate make reference to what they say in your comment as well. Just as you might in an oral conversation.
2 - Always go back and read your peers' comments to your posts. They may often ask you questions or want further explanations/information and if you don't respond, you've left them hanging.
In other words, you need to follow the basic rules of oral conversation in an online text format.

One last thing: some of you figured out the tags, or labels or etichette funciton. Very Web 2.0 of you! The point of these words is to identify your message in some way and, consequently, make it more easily retrievable. You can insert these below your post in the little block that says "opzioni post" or "post options". I noticed some of you put the group name or your own name (or both). It appears you can only put one (please do correct me if I'm wrong). Very interesting :-)

Job well done.


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