Friday, October 19, 2007

E-tivity Two

Hi everybody!
For my e-tivity two I started surfing on the net looking for blogs!
It wasn't so easy at the beginnig, and I also decided not to look for blogs about travels, because I've seen that travels have been the most looked for topic in other posts!
Moreover, I did wanted to change a bit, because you already know that I love travelling, but I also want to show you something else about me!'s a couple of blogs I like!

The fist blog I'd like you to have a look at is about Jane Austen, my favourite writer!
I love Jane's novels...they were written so many years ago...and they look like if they've been written yesterday!
Everything is so real...everything is so true!
I love Jane Austen also because she speaks about love...and love is a neverending topic, which is always so important in our that, for me, Jane Austen's novels are neverending as love is. As long as we'll love...we'll read Jane and love her!
I choose this blog among many others about Jane Austen because it looks very familiar...when I got into it I thought it was very friendly and I immediatly imagined myself sitting in the sofa reading one of Jane Austen's novel.
The language and style used in this blog is very friendly and I'd say also lovely.

The second blog I'd like to suggest you is a blog of a young girl who loves Sophie Kinsella as I do...and she loves Jane Austen too!
Sophie Kinsella is "my favourite contemporary writer"!
I'm joking, but I love her books, I read the all serie of "Shopaholic" and I'm now reading "Can you keep a secret?".
There is a link between Jane Austen and Sophie Kinsella's novels, because Jane Austen can be considered as the "mother" of this literaure dedicated to women. There is no doubt that Jane Austen's novels are at the highest level ever achieved in this genre, but I thnk that as well as we all look for our Mr. Darcy, there's also a bit of Becky in all of us!
The language and style of this blog are very friendly, but the blogger loves reading and so in her blog you can find even quotations from great books like "Persuasion".

That's why I decided to link this two blogs...
I love both Jane and Sophie...obviously for different reasons and at different levels, but they both wrote great novels, which are part of my life!
I hope you enjoyed having a look at this blogs!


urbanimarty said...

Hi Camilla,

as you know, we both have to read Persuasion by Jane Austen, at the beginning of our first year at the university. I like that book so much but in general I am not so fond of Jane Austen. I prefer other kind of reading and I use to privilege the style of books rather than the contents. If I like the way an author write I could read everything he wrote.

My favourite book is “Hearth of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, I think it’s amazing because is style is so linear and clear-cut!!!

As regard your post, I really like your description and presentation of the blogs. Maybe you should have written some comments about the style and the language used in the blogs.

Anyway, I find a post in the Jane Austen’s blog that made me giggle and I would like to share it with you. Here, it is:

You may be a Jane Austen Redneck if…

…your barouche is on blocks outside your parlour window.
…you eat grits with your white soup.
…you want to grow up and be just like Lydia Bennet.
…you think cleaning rifles with Charles Musgrove sounds like a hot date.
…you drink moonshine from a teacup.
…you don't think it's weird that everyone seems to marry their cousin.
…you think a petticoat six inches deep in mud is just a speck of dirt.
…you think that the Price family of Portsmouth are an upper middle class family.
…you are a part of the local "militia".
…you match the characters for wrestling.
…your barouche-landau is lined with Astroturf.
…you show up at Pemberley in waders looking for those carp, tench and pike.
…much like Mr. Hurst, you find no pleasure in anything save sport, cards, and drinking yourself into a stupor every night.
…you mistakenly shoot Lady Catherine's hat for supper.
…you're jealous that Anne Elliot gets to ride in that cart with the pig.
…you don't think that the old BBC Persuasion characters have big hair.
…you do not envy Darcy for his house, but his hounds.
…you're disappointed that the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack music hasn't come out on 8-track tape.
…Mary Bennet's singing at the piano reminds you of those great old country/western stars who have gone to the Grand Ole Opry in the sky (said reverently with cowboy hat over heart!)
…you love the plaid dress that Eliza wears in the old P&P movie.
…you understand perfectly why Captain Wentworth drinks his breakfast gruel directly from the bowl.
…you think that Aunt Phillips' house is second only to Graceland in its classy decorating.

See you!
Martina Urbani

Silvia Lovato said...
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Silvia Lovato said...

Hi girls!

I really enjoyed reading your post, Camilla! I really like Jane Austen’s book! My favourite books are: Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. I would suggest to Martina to read one of them because I think that Persuasion is the worst among Jane Austen’s books!
Well, I found the blog about Jane Austen very interesting. I’ve recently seen the mouvie Becoming Jane(Anne Hathaway plays Austen) and I loved it! This mouvie is based on the life of Jane Austen. Certainly, Becoming Jane cannot be considered as a biography and when I left the cinema I was wondering how much the film was true. Actually, the mouvie melts fact and fiction and presents Jane Austen as an heroine of a love story like the protagonists of her novel. However, I found many similarities between the mouvie and Pride and Prejudice, so that I was a bit disappointed. Therefore, after watching the mouvie, I decided to read a biography of Jane Austen in order to discover what really happened between Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy. When I looked at the blog you suggested I found a list of BLOGS OF NOTES about Jane Austen on the left side of the page. Therefore, I starter clicking and visiting them. Basically, this is my problem: I am too curious! I found some answers to my questions and I even found the titles of some books I am going to read.
Thank you!
Before leaving, I’d like you to read a quotation taken from Persuasion by Jane Austen. It describes autumn, my favorite season.

...autumn, that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness, that season which has drawn from every poet, worthy of being read, some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling...

elenavi said...

Hi Camilla,

unfortunately I must admit that, like Martina, I don’t like Jane Austen very much! Among her novels, I read only Persuasion for my first exam of English Literature at University, but I did not particularly appreciate this novel.
On the other hand, it has been the first time I have read about Sophie Kinsella (yes, I am not so fond of book reading!), and while reading the blog you suggested us, I got so curious about this writer that I searched Google in order to find more information about her books! The most interesting page is; I had so much fun reading the summaries of her novels…There are days in which I really feel a shopaholic! In addition, light reading is exactly what I need now that I already have so many books to study for my university exams and, moreover, reading contemporary writers’ novels is important to learn the language used nowadays and everyday!

So thank you very much Camilla for your suggestion…day after day I can increasingly appreciate the great advantage of using a blog to share our ideas and, thus, widen our knowledge! It’s fantastic!

I must also thank you for your kind and positive comment on my post ;-)

See you soon!

Elena V.

veronica bozzato said...

Hi Camilla!
I really enjoyed reading your post! I noticed that we love the same authors… I adore Jane Austen and of Sophie Kinsella! Generally, I love books settled in Great Britain in the 18th or 19th century, and, among them, I prefer those which deal with love. I read Persuasion some years ago, when I attended a course about English literature; I am still grateful to the professor that let me discover this wonderful writer! I also saw some movies based on the novels of Jane Austen, and now I would like to see Becoming Jane at the cinema!
I found the first blog really interesting and well structured; there is a huge number of links that deal with every aspect of Jane Austen! I could find posts about Jane’s life, works, and films based on her books!
I love also Sophie Kinsella’s novels… I read only I love Shopping and I love Shopping in New York, but I am going to read the other books of the series! For this reason, I found the second blog very nice and interesting. Thank you for suggesting it!
Finally, I think that your post is well written and well structured; I appreciated the fact that you used different colors for different topics.

That’s all for now!

See you on Monday!


JaneFan said...

Hello Camilla, thank you for the link and the compliments on my blog! It is always nice to find another friend of Jane Austen. You are right - her themes really are universal, which is why she is still so popular today and around the world.

I've never read any of Sophie Kinsella's novels, but I will have to give them a try. She seems to have a better reputation and has lasted longer than a lot of other writer swho jumped on teh "chick-lit" bandwagon.