Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elena: e-tivity2


Searching the Internet for blogs, I put in the tags 'travels' and came up with a blog called 'Travel Pod' (The Web's original travel blog), which people use to create their personal travel blog; here I found two blogs made by two girls (Annie Mitchell and Jessica), that I found interesting to compare.
I chose these blogs because I like travelling very much and I'm always curious to know something new about other cultures. I noticed that these two blogs are structured in the same way; the initial page is divided into three sections: 'More about me', 'My travel blogs' and 'My favourite websites'. In the first part, the girls introduced themselves: they put a map of their travelogues and wrote something about their personality, such as birthplace, profession, interests, hobbies and so on; in the second part, they put their travel blogs, in which they described their travel, putting also many photos; finally, in the third part, they wrote their favourite websites.
Reading these two blogs, I noticed that the two girls used informal language and they also put many photos.They both used links to guide the reader to know more about them, their cities and their travel in particular,which is the aim of Travel Pod. I found interesting and funny to watch their photos, which gave me an idea of these two girls: Jessica seems to have travelled more than Annie, but they both tell us their travel using an everyday language.
The second blog I visit is completely different from the previous ones; it's called 'Misadventures in Italy, my stomach and the world. Food, recipes, travel.
In this very funny blog a man speaks about his travel and misadventures in Italy, which concearn food in particular. He put many links which guide the reader to other food blog or websites; furthermore, he gave a detailed description of his misadventures. I like very much the story about the 'granita', in which he said that he tried this new drink but he didn't like it because it hasn't got enough sugar... try to read it!!
I noticed that he used informal language and he also put many photos to describe his travel and to make the reader aware of what he ate.
My final observations are that bloggers usually put links to the most important word in their texts, which they think it's interesting to emphasise and which can open new discussions. The style is very often informal, especially in personal blogs, as I have still analysed.
That's all!


Valeria said...

Hi Elena!!
I visited both the blogs you suggested.
I found Travelpod interesting, especially the part regarding Jessica because in her blog she put a lot of photos representing the places she visited.
Then the second blog you suggested us is really amazing! I clicked on the link “Watermelon sorbetto granita from The perfect scoop” and I found it nice because I really like cooking and there I found some interesting recipes. Moreover I liked the way in which the author wrote in his blog, it is really funny! It is also interesting because he wrote about Italy from the point of view of an English person. I couldn’t find the story about granita, maybe you can tell me about it!

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Hello there....the author of Ms. Adventures in Italy (me) is actually a woman!

Ms. = a way of addressing a woman in English :) like Miss or Mrs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Valeria said...

Hi girls!
I’m happy that you liked the blogs I've suggested you, in particular the one called “Into the blue night”. Like you, I also think that the photos posted by the author are really beautiful and evocative, they give you a sensation of calm.
I agree with you, Ele, the third blog – Frogs and Crabs- is quite strange, but I chose it for this reason, because I think it is interesting seeing at something that we’ve never seen before. However, no doubt that cutting frogs heads is disgusting!

Cristina said...

Hi Elena!
The travel pod blog is very intersting!!!And useful of course!It is an oppotunity for sharing your good/bad experiences around the world! And moreover, reading about other people's travels, you can find the inspiration for your next destination! Jessica's tour around South America is amazing, I would like to go there too, but not alone!! I really can't understand how paople can travel alone!Isn't it frightening?!
The other blog is very very funny!! The granita experience is great, and I really like also the description of the aperitivo here in Italy!! The point is that foreings people, make comments on Italian's habits that are strange or new to them!This, makes me thinking about how many things we take for granted!

monica said...

Hi Ele,
I found the blog you suggested us really funny but also useful. In particular I read the article about "How to avoid a pickpocket" as I'm quite paranoid about it.
I agree with Vale when she is saying that the language and the style used in this blog fits well with the content.

elenacarlet said...

Hi Cristina!!
why do you think travelling alone is frightening???I went to Spain for the Erasmus two years ago and I was alone....I think that this experience has been very useful to me,I mean, it helped me to become more independent!!