Thursday, October 18, 2007

G: elenas - e-tivity 2

After a long research on Technorati I finaly found some interesting blogs about one of my passions: yoga. On the web there are many blogs about this topic but I hardly found some that deal with the argument in a reasonable way. I went to the interesting blogs of a girl from Malaysia; she teaches yoga in Kuala Lumpur. I like her blogs especially yogaiswheremyheartis with the photos of her asanas (the postures). In this blog she posts nice and interesting photos accompanied with lyrics' texts; the selection of the songs does not necessarily have to relate to the pose nor reflect her's feeling at point of posting, although most of the time, it does :) I like the two blogs; the language is simple, the style is good and the photos convey her passion for the discipline. As one can see from the blog she is really good in!

Since I like climbing I went to look for some blogs regarding this topic and I found the geared up team. I do like it; it is about outdoor adventures. I like the fact that this group of friends talk about their experiences all over the world. I went into the climbing section and found some good stuff! This blog is well organized; its language is informal and the sections in which it is well-structured are full of interesting links and videos. I will add this blog in my personal list, definitely!!!
I hope you enjoyed reading my post and found interesting the blogs I chose,

hearing from you soon,




robinb said...

Thanks for the link to!

Glad you like it


Eleonora said...

Hi Elena!!
I have just visited the two blogs you recommended and I found both of them interesting. I have never practiced yoga (and I do not think I would be very good at it!!) but I have always thought this was an extremely fascinating discipline. I was impressed when I saw the pictures of this girl and what she is able to do with her body… :-) I also liked the lyrics and comments under the photos as well…a very original and well-structured blog! I find the style appropriate for this kind of topic, the language is simple to understand and in my opinion that is a great point…I usually get bored quickly if I have to read something which is unclear and redundant…:-)
As regards your second blog, I really enjoy reading it since I love climbing, too. I spent one month in Ireland two years ago, the landscapes there are breathtaking (as we can see from the images). I found this blog interesting also from the linguistic point of view: it has been written by a native speaker (an Irishman) so it is full of idiomatic expressions and I think it is a very good example of everyday spoken English.

Thanks for your suggestions!!!
See you soon!

Selena said...

Hi Elena!

I really enjoyed looking at the blogs you chose. Both are very appealing!

I find the first one particularly interesting because yoga has always fascinated me. I think it is something mysterious. The blog is very attractive because it has many photos, which are, moreover, very beautiful. I think the structure of the blog reflects the idea yoga conveys. Thanks to its simplicity and its order, it makes you feel relaxed, just like when you do yoga. I also think the idea of associating each image with a song is really nice!

The second blog is exciting, as well. I’ve never had such experiences and think I’ll never have them because I think they are sometimes dangerous and I suffer from vertigo! However, I like people who try new ideas and take risks. For those people who have spirit of adventure and love the mountain this blog is something special. I think it is well-organized and the possibility to watch videos about the group’s outdoor adventures makes it particularly attractive.

See you next week,

alessia f. said...

Dear elena,
I've really found the blogs you suggested interesting and appealing, especially the one about yoga; I've had this passion since I was 14, when a friend of mine helped me to further get into the discipline. I'd personally recommend it to him and I'll let you know! The photos are particularly realistic even if some of them are quite impressive: they indicate bizarre postures!
The choice of the sounds related to the photos is original. Well-done!!!

alessia f.

Elisa Snaidero said...

Hi elena,

I really admire you, I tried to practise some yoga as well, but I gave up after 3 lessons because I couldn't be so patient! I think the author of your first blog had a great idea: the pictures are by themselves very nice but the texts below make them even more fascinating!

I especially liked the second blog you decided to show us. During the last few days I've been reading so many blogs (as all of you did, of course) and I found out that I particularly appreciate those which seem to be like private diaries.

Thanks for the comments you posted to my e-tivity. I completely agree with you when you say that
the blog about dogs doesn't stimulate the reader because of its lack in images.

See you soon,