Thursday, October 18, 2007

Group B: Sara e-tivity 2

Photo by AlpenaMi

I spend more than 3 hours searching on Technorati because I really didn't know what topic I could look for. Then, thinking looking around in my room I saw my Harry Potter books, so I decided to search something about him. I found this interesting blog : here people signal and comment news and articles about him, in particular about the next movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) whose filming is starting in these days at Lacock, in the UK. Then there are also many links to other blogs or websites related to this subject.
The site defines itself "Complete Harry Potter coverage from top official and fan sources. One of JK Rowling's favourite sites!", so if you are, like me, a fan of the little whizz, visit it and you'll discover lots of curiosities.

Then I searched the word sport and I found this blog of "The Guardian". In it one can find articles and information about any sport: football, rugby, F1, cricket, volley, etc. There are also many links to other blogs, to "the highlights of the day", to the more recent news and to more else...

In the blogs I visited, language was informal and often abbreviations and slang terms were used, and I have to admit that sometimes I didn't understand very well what they were saying :-(. Then I noticed that, usually, posts are longer and more formal than the comments people leave, which contain much more colloquial expression ( Oh my gosh., Cool!, Wicked!).


Giovanna said...

Hi Sara! When I saw you chose a blog about Harry Potter I immediately decided to visit it! I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter's series, I also read the last book in English and I'm really looking forward to see the last two films.
The blog is full of funny news you can't find in other sites. For example I didn't know that J.K. Rowling always saw Dumbledore as gay and that he originally fell in love with the wizard Grindelwald in his youth!
As regard the style I think that the headlines of the blog perfectly catch the reader's attention and when you move the mouse on the news on the right side of the page, a window opens showing you the home page of the site you will visit if you click on that link.Therefore you can reach all sort of information about Harry Potter's world in a funny and easy way!
I think you found a very interesting blog for Harry's fans because it gives information not only about the books but also about the author and the actors involved in the films'production.
See you!

ElenaCosta said...
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ElenaCosta said...

Hello Sara!
I was curious to visit a blog run by members of such a famous newspaper and it fulfilled my expectations:
- it is well organized, easy to read and the graphics is basic but clear;
- the color green highlights the parts of the page that the visitor can click to check the news he is interested in;
- the categories contained in the bar on top of the page help the reader to direct his search;
- above the title of the blog, on the right, the window "Go to" allows the visitor to move to other correlated websites (such as The Observer website) to look for other kinds of news.
The only comment I can make is that maybe news take up too much room: the blog could be enriched by inserting more photos or by creating thematic areas.
Anyway I noticed that there are plenty of comments left to each post and this fact shows that the blog is very appreciated by sport lovers.