Monday, October 08, 2007

Group C: Giada

Photo by Athenmama

Hello everybody, I’m Giada!
Originally I had chosen a different image to represent myself but it happened to be protected by copyright so I had to pick up another one. Anyway the subject was exactly the same, that is the Beatles. The image above is the cover of what I consider one of their best album: Revolver. I love listening to music and I adore British music, the Beatles in particular. Their songs were the soundtrack of the most important events of my life so far and accompanied me throughout these years at university. Sometimes I clearly see myself in their lyrics ( so simple but at the same time of remarkable depth) and in their melodies, which happen to be an inspiration to me. Music definitely plays a meaningful role in my life: I would spend hours downloading music, I love going to concerts, moreover I have been playing the piano for several years. Learning to play such a wonderful instrument gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my inner side and to fully explore and express it.
The image actually reveals something more about me: my passion for art. The cover album is a sophisticated portray of the four members which fascinated me from the very first time, in fact I love doing portrays and I love buying art book and going to art expositions as well.

The two websites I decided to insert below are somehow connected to my passions and my personality: the former is an Italian website where you can get any lyrics of any group. I often visit it to find out what my favourite English and French singers and groups really say: I’m convinced that this is a very good way to improve my English and.. if I didn’t know the words of the songs I love I wouldn’t be able to sing them under the shower! Clicking on the latter the home page of Ryan Air will open to you. As almost everybody knows Ryan Air gives the opportunity to travel at relatively low costs: as I’m a student with a relatively low budget and I love travelling I visit the website regularly!


Silvia said...

Hi Giada!
The picture you chose is really nice because it represents both your taste for music and for art as well! I am also fond of music and I could not imagine my life without my free time I always listen to it, especially when I am on the train on the way to Padua or waiting for the lessons..In particular I like listening to British and Irish music..I like Oasis, the Cranberries and U2. I also like downloading music and share it with other people!
As regards the websites, I agree it you in choosing the first one because it is one of the websites I frequently use: it is very useful to find the lyrics of your favourite singers. As for the second one, I often visit the website of the Ryanair company because I 'm always searching for cheap flights too!

Letizia said...

Hi Giada!
It's a really interesting thing that you love art. I know Beatles and their songs very little, but I know they are great singers!!!
Unlike you I don't love going to concerts, because they are so crowded, I prefer seeing them on tv. I also don't like downloading music, because I'm not good at computer, usually my brother do it for me!!!
I think your first website is very useful in improving your english, listening songs you like you can also learn new words.
On the site of the Ryan Air you can find low cost flights and this is very fantastic for students who have a low budget. I travelled with the Ryan Air once, too!!
See you soon,
Bye bye,

stefania said...

Hi Giada!
I really enjoyed your presentation! One of my regret in my life is that I can't play an instrument, so I really appreciate the fact you play the piano. If you remember... you tried to teach me to play a simple song but without success (of was not your fault!).
As to the websites, I find that ryanarair site is very useful. However, I have recently travvelled with "my air" and it's even cheaper, if possible!
See you soon

Zara said...

Hi Giada!
I had some problems with the photos as well…was it a problem of copyright? I spent hours trying to paste that photo on my comment…
Anyway, we share love for music, art and drawing! I read you like going to concerts and I'd like to know which ones you liked the most. I started going to concerts for about two years...actually I went to few: Ligabue and Vasco in Udine, The Rolling Stones in Milan, Chambao in Zaragoza and last 2nd October The Police in Turin! I really enjoyed going to them all and I think that if you like music you should go to at least once in your life. To me the problem with concerts most of the time is that they are very expansive. Among those I went to, only the one given in Zaragoza was free. The ticket for The Police was 58 euros and I had to think over it a million times before finally buying it.
Unfortunately, unlike you, I cannot play any instrument. Actually I started playing guitar but I left it shortly after. I’d like to know, where do you go to take lessons? Do you give concerts or something like that?...I ask you because I’d like to go to violin lessons in Padua and I’d like to now how is your school, or your teacher…
Beatles, I like them too, but I ‘ve never had an album of them…as you wrote “Revolver” is the best one I think I’ll download it and I’ll tell if I like it too.
I didn’t know “Leonardo-AngoloTesti”…it’s nice! I like web sites in which you can find info about music..if you go to my post you’ll find another website like the one you put!

Bye bye,

Letizia said...

Hi Giada!
As Sarah told us to do, we read your message and we have these suggestions for you:
- it happened to be protected: it was protected
- Anyway,
- albumS
- Revolver in italics
- the sentence with "accompanied" sounds a little bit Italian (but we're not sure, maybe it works in English as well)
-the cover album: the album cover/the cover of the album
- portray: portrait
- the four members OF THE GROUP
- repetition of I love...
- portrays again: portraits
- bookS
- we had some difficulties in understanding the sentence beginning with "if I didn't know.."
- As almost everybody knows,

Thank you for reading. We hope our message can help you.
Bye, Letizia and Federico