Friday, October 19, 2007

Group E: Veronica. E-tivity 2

Hi everybody!

After having searched for hours in Technorati, I finally found two blogs that really interest me. The first is about cooking, which is one of my passions. I like cooking, because it is an activity that relaxes me and allows me to relieve my tension. I love doing something by my own and seeing that the dishes are my own handiwork. I prefer making cakes and desserts, and I am very proud when they are polished off! For this reason, I wanted to find a blog dedicated only to desserts; but then, I found this fantastic blog about all sort of food and drink.
The author of the blog is a Canadian man, self-defined as "food-obsessed", who likes writing, reading and talking about cooking. He posts recipes of all sort of dishes from all over the world, and describes the ingredients and the method of preparation in a very detailed way; he also adds photos of every stage of preparation, so as to be clear also for those who are not experienced in cooking. I would recommend this blog because here you can find new and easy recipes for all occasions.

The other blog that caught my attention is about gardening. The author, Scott, describes some of the most known herbs, their properties and the origins of their names. He gives also some pieces of advice as the best variety of species to plant, how to grow them and how you can use them when cooking. There are also many comments of people who give their suggestions and describe their experiences about gardening.
I think it is a very interesting blog for those who, like me, love gardening. When I am stressed and I want to escape from the thoughts of everyday life, I take care of my plants. I like seeding new plants and watching then growing. I completely agree with the quotation by Alice Rankin put at the beginning of the blog that says: "Your garden is your personal domain. It should contain all the things that make you happy. It is a place where you can go to gain relief from stress or mental fatigue. It refreshes and restores".

  • I think that language used in blogs ranges from neutral to informal. In the first blog, subjects are sometimes left out, and capitol letters after full stops or for the first personal pronoun "I" are not used.
  • Sometimes, a field-specific language is used, depending on the topic of the blog (for example, in the first blog there are specific terms for food, while in the second there are specific names of plants)
  • Links are used to easily connect one web-page to others. In the first blog, for example, there are a number of links to other recipes. Links can also be suggested by blog-readers, who put them in their comments.
  • Layout and colours are very important in order to catch the reader's attention.

That's all for now!




urbanimarty said...

Hi Veronica,

I would like to give you some suggestions on how to join facebook.

First of all, you must go to the main page (I wrote you the link in the post on my presentation). Then you must write your email and choose and effective password.

The program will create your personal page where you can create and update your personal profile.
In your personal profile you can write whatever you want: your name, address, telephone number, university, hobbies and so on.

It’ up to you! Obviously, you have to take into account that many people you don’t know can visit your page and so it’s not advisable to give to many personal details.

On your page, your e-friends can send you private messages which means that is a face-to-face communication and they can also publish messages on your pinnward which is a sort of blackboard on your page.

As long as you keep in touch with your friends you can share files, pictures and comments... you can also find new friends and invite them to visit your personal page. You should update your personal profile frequently in order to make it interesting...

If you decide to join facebook, look for my profile and we will soon become friends! =)
I hope you find these suggestions useful...

COME AND JOIN FACEBOOK, that’s my invitation!

Martina Urbani

urbanimarty said...

Dear Veronica,

While reading posts of our peers I find out that you and Silvia share the same passion for cooking. You both could come to lessons with some of your cakes or dessert... it could be a very good idea, isn’t it? =)

By the way I think that the blogs you suggested us are informative blogs and they help people who have such a hobby. Personally, I prefer eating to cooking but I guess that there’s nothing more satisfying than prepare a delicious cake or a tasty dish!

In the kitchen certainly you can use all your creativity and discover ever new combination and mix of taste and perfumes...

Also in the gardening you can use your creativity and I guess you must be also very careful with your plants. Unfortunately, I am not a very methodical person and every time I tried to grow a plant I manage to take care of it for a while and then the pant suddenly died.

I had a last try with a wonderful bonsai, it lasted a year. Maybe I should have a look to the blog you suggested us!

In your comment you give us a brief summary of the blogs main feature but you don’t mention the authors of the blogs. I mean, you had already mentioned them before but you don’t explain us if you think they are reliable or not, and why they are reliable.

Thank you for your good contribution! Good job!

See you soon
Martina Urbani

Silvia Lovato said...

Dear Veronica,

reading through your post I realized that we share the same passion: we both love cooking! We can exchange some recipes if you want!

I immediately visited the blog you suggested and I found it very interesting. First of all, the language is simple and clear. Then, I loved the way the author presents the recipes. In fact, each recipe is accompaynied by several photos. Each photo shows a different stage of the preparation.Therefore you can immediately understand if you are doing something wrong in your preparation. In fact, you can easily follow the instructions and check your “work” step-by-step!

Thanks a lot for your contribution

see you soon


Camilla said...

Hi Veronica!
I've just visited the blog you suggested us and I found the one about cooking very very interesting!
Maybe I could show it to my mother...she's really a cooking lover, she spends all her free time cooking, actually she's cooking at the moment...well, considering the fact that she's cooking all the time,I do not have many chances to do it, and she does not want to teach me because she says that "I'll learn myself, as she did!"
So...maybe the blog you suggested us will become very useful in the future...when my husband will have to eat McDonald's and take away pizzas all the evening because my mother wants me to learn cooking by myself!!!!!!
Well...I'm joking...your post is really good, and I also like the fact that you discussed language in a separate paragraph, it is a good choice for me!
Moreover, the blog is written in a very informal and simple way, it's good!
As for the blog about gardening...well...I'm so fond in gardening, I've never had a garden, but...I'll try to have a look at it and learn something!

See you and hear from you soon!

elenavi said...

Hi Veronica!

Just a few lines about the first blog because I want to speak more deeply about the second one…
As you can read in my comment on Silvia’s post, I like cooking, too, above all I love cakes, pastries and desserts in general! My speciality are ‘semifreddi’ and pastry cream! Therefore, I had fun looking at your and Silvia’s blogs about cooking! Indeed, in my comment on Sivia’s post you can also see some considerations I have about the structure that a blog concerning cooking should have…
However, the topic of your second blog is interesting, too: gardening is really a pleasure and a relaxing hobby both for men and women! I suppose to have inherited this hobby from my mum, who is really an expert of plants and flowers, including herbs! Both inside and outside my house, I have so many types of plants and blooms…and I think that they are like little and colourful jewels with which you can enrich the beauty of gardens and houses. As regards the blog that you chose, I read with particular attention the post ‘Alice's Garden Spot -- Take Thyme to Grow Herbs’…Really interesting and detailed descriptions of the different kinds of herbs (name origins, different breeds, possible uses,…) and how nice that picture of a fanciful path full of thyme and moss!
I also like the way you structured your post: you used a paragraph for each blog, and within each paragraph, you briefly describe both the content of the blog and your attitude towards cooking and gardening. Good idea also the choice of inserting a comment on the language used in the blogs at the bottom.

Bye, bye!

Elena V.