Sunday, October 14, 2007

Group G: ElisaS.

Hi everybody! My name is Elisa
I've been wondering for a while which image could give you an idea of who I am. It seems to be easy but to me it wasn't at all. Then i found this picture, which I think represents something about me. I am very fond of sport: i can't imagine my life without it. When i am home i like going out for a walk in the wood with my dog , making day excursions to the mountains with my friends and family or simply going jogging by myself. I find it very relaxing, it helps me to free my mind. Even though Padova is not a great metropolis like Tokyo, it still is a city which can sometimes be stressful. So playing outdoors sport is the most effective way that makes me feel good and regenerated after a busy day . Don't you feel relieved when you look at this picture? I that's why I like it.
These are my favourite websites:
I think this website is very useful for all those persons who like making excursions like me. You cannot miss reading the weather forecast if you are going for a hike. It is a very reliable source.
I think this website is a good resource for all those people who like travelling. I like it because here you can find cheap flights and hotels.
I often have a look at this website. Beppe Grillo is one of the Italy’s most famous comedian, as you may well know. The aim of his satire moves from politics to economy, from health to the environment. You can even sign up to the blog.


Eleonora said...

Hi Elisa!
I like your picture very much and I think we have pretty much in common. First of all, I could not imagine my life without a little bit of sport; it is very good for health and it helps you relax and free your mind from everyday worries. I also go jogging when it is not too cold and I like riding my bike during long excursions on the hills or in the countryside. I have got a dog as well and I go for a walk with him quite often. I think it is not necessary to do three hours sport per day to be fit..many times it is enough to leave the car at home and walk or use the bicycle whenever it is possible; that would also help reduce the high level of pollution of our cities.
Thanks for the websites you showed us; the weather forecast page is undoubtedly very useful every time you want to go for a hike but also if you want to spend a weekend at the seaside or if you are planning to visit a new place. I clicked on the link about traveling and I must confess I had never seen this site before, which is quite strange because I often look for “last-minute” journeys and cheap flights on the net…so now I have a new source! :-) Let us say something about the MOST famous Italian comedian who runs one of the MOST famous blogs in the world…I think he is great because he criticizes many aspects of our society in a very funny way; moreover, although he was not allowed to say what he thought on TV, he managed to find an original alternative to catch people’s attention.

See you soon!

elena s said...

Hi Elisa,

How are you?
A nice relaxing photo! We have something in common: our passion for outdoor sports and the mountains. When I go climbing or simply jogging I'm in tune with my body and the nature, feeling free. Unfortunately I don't climb in Padua because I have no car here to reach the outdoor places for climbing. If I have to be honest I'm managing to climb on artificial buildings here in Padua (urban climbing) but people look at you as they were looking at a fool, and moreover the law doesn't help. However, what is sure is that when I'm home in trentino i can climb. UUuhh...
Let's talk about the sites you chose; the first is really useful to know the situation the places you want to visit and I think it is also reliable. I have never seen the second one and thank you for have telling us! I think It could be Really useful in the prevision of travelling.
The third one is known everywhere and what i like is the fact that it makes the real Italian situation known everywhere in the world. Grillo is widely criticised; he tells inconvenient truth about burning issues and faces many problems and subject that no Italian journalist has the audacity to disclose for many reasons.

That's all for now ElisaS,

see you at lesson,

Bye, elenas

Selena said...

Hi Elisa!

As I could know you well last year I know you are a sportaholic!
I admire your willpower because I think sport is tiring. On this point we have very little in common because, I have to admit it, I’m very lazy! I did skating for a few years when I was young and then I haven’t been persevering in doing some form of sport any more. That’s a pity because I’m aware of the importance sport has to our life. I know it does well to both body and mind and that we should do it every day if we want us to feel good, relaxed and in good form. When I feel out of form I convince myself to do jogging in the afternoon or in the evening but these good intentions go on for the first week and then I’m again lazy. I hope you’ll transmit me in some way your passion for sport!

See you on Wednesday!


elena s said...

Hi elisas,

how are you? Let me answer to you question...I do cook Indian food and dishes more or less five or six times a week.It is not always easy, I have to ask my friends and research info on the web or in my books on this topic. It is not just cooking I'm interested in; what I like is also the ritual gestures in preparing , eating and taking pleasure from food. A nice way of looking at our nutrition and body! If you're interested in it we can have a chat! sure!!



Valeria said...

We read your blog, we found it interesting but we also found little mistakes.
For example the personal pronoun “I” is to be written with the capital letter. Moreover, in the expression you used “ outdoors sports”, we would take off the ”s” and write “outdoor” because it is an adjective and they have not the plural form. In the expressions “the Italy’s” and “ the environment” we would have omitted the article.
We noticed that in the second part you used a lot of short sentences: we think that it will sound more fluent if you connect them, for example using the colon.


Valeria and Monica

Selena said...

Hi Elisa!

I’m sorry I’m a little bit late, but I wish to answer your question about my culinary skills. Actually, I’ve never cooked Chinese or Japanese food, but I really enjoyed it when I was an Erasmus student in Germany and when two years ago I was on holiday in Shanghai. In my post I told you during my Erasmus stay I loved organizing international dinner parties, but I was not the only one who cooked:) All students coming from the same country prepared their own specialities. Of course, I cooked Italian, especially tasty sauces for the pasta and cakes. I was very proud of our cuisine!

See you:)