Friday, October 19, 2007

Group H: Giovanna (e-tivity 2)

When yesterday I started looking out for some interesting blogs, I couldn’t believe that the blogsphere was really so wide. If you think that everyone may create his own (or even more than one!), there could be billions of blogs in the net! As a matter of fact I started working for the task yesterday and I have finished now (obviously with a pause to rest!), finding two blogs, but above all after having visited hundreds!

The first blog I undoubtedly suggest you to visit is about sushi.
The url is:
I fell in love with Japanese food during my Erasmus, and I want you to discover the originality and ethnicity of this cuisine as well. I hadn’t even tried to eat sushi, but Barcelona is full of Japanese restaurants, and above all of Japanese buffets, where you can eat whatever you want paying a fix, that I couldn’t resist. In practice, I was there eating every week!
The blog is very well organized, colourful and full of catching pictures. There you can find a lot of recipes and above all a well-structured glossary, because it’s obvious that not everybody knows what wasabi or daikon are or what the tools you need are. People can share comments, suggestions, tips and even recipes. Japanese cusine is quite a new fashion here in Europe, so I think it’s necessary improving your knowledge and practice sharing whatever you know through a blog with other people who have the same interest.

The second blog I invite you to have a look to is about the strangest places in the world.
The url is:
I’ve always been attracted by mystery, myths, gothic and paranormal. It’s sound a little bit weird but I’m sure that more or less everyone once in her life has asked whether Ufos really exist, what happened exactly to Atlantis, or who built the pyramids or those strange statues in the Easter Islands. Through this blog people try to explain the possible (and even the impossible!), sharing ideas, anecdotes and evidences. I hope that here you could find some of the answers.
The background of the blog is obviously total black, as to introduce you to this dark side of reality, but I have to assure you that there are very clear and scientific explanations.

To sum up I can say that the language used by bloggers is colloquial and informal, as they were all friends. But they never fall into rudeness; on the contrary they behave always in a good way. I think that the blogsphere besides being a place where you can share opinions, it’s a place where you can always learn something and for this reason there is no room for impolite people.
The idea of sharing all that we know and post it in our blog is supported by the use of links. Every blog has its part reserved to links, that are a series of blogs connected to yours that deal with the same topic. This allows you to surf and immerge you totally in the topic you want, to meet people with your own interests and above all to learn and compare what you already know!

Hope you’ll enjoy visiting my blogs!
See you!


Marta T. said...


Marina said...

Hi Giovanna!
The blog you chose about the strangest places in the world really interested me, so I visited it and you're right! It has a lot of very clear explanations about many places. In particular, I found two articles very interesting. One was that about the works of crop art in China. They are great for this kind of things! The images that are created with the crop should give a great emotion when one sees them, I hope to have the possibility to see a thing like that in the future!
The other link that interested me is the one that talks about Stonehenge, as I went there last sommer when I was in London. It is a really strange place and it's incredible that it was created thousends of years ago!I recommend to everybody to visit it, although it is not possible to go too close to it, because some people (I don't say what I think of them...) stole some pieces and wrote on them, but it is a great experience.
The blog is very clear and, as you've written, the use of the black colour introduce you to a place of mistery. There is a brief presentation of the blogger, and all the links are ordered based on the date of publication and the subject. Really a great blog!
Marina F.

Roby said...

Hi Giovanna!
I have found both your blogs very nice! Since I love cooking, I decided to write about Sushiday which could be a very good recipe book on-line for my next culinary experiments!! I hope to find all the required ingredients…perhaps in some ethnic mini-markets!

The lay-out is clear and neat; images and colours brighten the page without creating confusion and tempt you to try to prepare the different recipes.
The author seems to communicate directly with people thanks to a very friendly style and a continuous reference to her private life. I also appreciated the archives of all the recipes which help you to find easily what you are looking for.
I really enjoyed it!
See you soon! Roby

Claudia said...

Hi Giovanna!

I'm really sorry... I forgot your blogs, and I didn't make any comment last week! sorry!

But now I've visited them, and I can say that I've enjoyed it a lot!
That about sushi is really interesting, and I like it because there are many beautiful coloured photos...
The second is full of photos too, and I think is quite original... I like travelling, but of course I can't do it that much because it is expensive (particularly if you want to travel around the world, and I found a way of travelling through this blog! Thanks!
I think I'll visit it again!

see you next week!