Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello all, it's me.

Hello there,

I'm sitting here at home still a bit under the influence of the anesthesia so it's probably a good thing I'm not there with you right now! But everything went well so I should be up and running by tomorrow :-)

I see that, fortunately, the teacher in the States has posted questions for you all in the various forums and that, unfortunately, except for Kim, the American peers have not responded to your questions. I will ask my colleague in the States to encourage her students to do so in the next few days. You just never know how an exchange is going to work until you try!

For today, if you happen to be in the lab together, maybe you could discuss the questions in groups and give group answers rather than individual ones (to avoid repitition and too much reading). If not, of course you can answer them individually.

I am home and off and on the computer so if you've got any questions, write a comment and I'll try and get back ASAP.

See you all on Wednesday.



ElenaCosta said...

Hi Sarah!
Have you got over the anesthesia?
I write you to ask your opinion about the possibility of adding a new item to my blog.
It is a map in which red circles highlight the countries where people who visit your blog live. I am curious to know if a Japanese or a Brazilian has ever come across my e-tivities!
If you check this url
you find the steps you have to follow to get the map on your page, but there are some conditions. I tried to read them, but I didn't fully understand them. I would like to know if you think it is something I can add to my blog without any problem or if it is better to avoid it!
Thank you very much! See you on Wednesday!
Elena Costa

Martina said...

Hi, Sarah!
How are you? I hope you're fine now. I'm going to have the broadband into two weeks. I'm very happy but I fear my troubles won't stop here. The fact is that we sign the contract with Telecom but we've used Infostrada until now, so my mail is with Libero. I used it for my Google account and for all the registrations we had in our course. Could it be a problem? I'm going to have both Telecom (canone+broadband) and Infostrada(for calls).

I thought you could help me. Maybe other students had the same problem last year.


Zara said...

Hi Martina!
I think there is no problem. When you join the Web you can log in websites (e.g. libero), independently from the contract you've subscribed for the broadband. Think about when you log in Libero: you can be in labs in Maldura or Via Venezia, as well as in you home.
You might have problems in using Outlook since Libero is not supported by Telecom as a provider (while it is by Inwind.)
So, keep up with your work and don't worry at all!

@Sarah: I hope everything is ok now. At least, were the anesthesia effects pleasantly relaxing?;)

See you all on Wed!
Bye bye,