Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's going on? An update!

Hello all,

For those of you who weren't in class on Wednesday, I have decided to have you all participate in the exchange with the Uni of Albany for several reasons, none of which I will explain here (write a comment if you want to know). Therefore, in class on Wednesday, in addition to starting e-tivity 6, we all took look at the responses to the questionnaires given by the American students and the Italian ones (you guys) and tried to note general impressions, differences and similarities. Then each group of 2 or 3 students wrote their initial impressions to this forum. In order to get the discussion going, based on these posts and your impressions, I have asked you all to start posing questions to your American peers. To simplify, let me lay it out like this:

N.B. If you're new to the exchange, check out the home page.
1-If you haven't already done so, answer the questionnaire.
2-Take a look at the responses the other students have given and take a look at the general impressions we came up with in class.
3-Based on these observations, individually or in groups (just make sure to sign your names) pose questions in the forums you have been assigned to. Click here to see the forums and names of students assigned to each forum. I have opened a topic for each forum (Questions from Padova to Albany) for each group. Just send a reply to that topic with your questions. Hopefully the American students will reply.
4-Monday. You have Lab B in Maldura reserved for you from 2.30 to 6.00. Hopefully the American students will have replied starting up a discussion. If so, continue the discussion. If not, let me know here in the course blog and I'll contact the American prof. By Monday, there should also be questions waiting for you from them. Please consider the questions, reflect on them and then answer them (individually or in groups). You can also work on e-tiviy 6 ;-)

Most importantly, I have decided to have you all participate in the exchange to get you all reflecting on your own culture and the 'other' culture. I hope this will happen in the next few weeks.

As always, write a comment back if you need help.


p.s. Marina and Sara - even though you've decided to move to the 4.30 groups (thank you!!!) you can stay in your blogging groups (E and C respectively). For now it doesn't make a difference since we have different groups for the exchange. We can probably hold out until the end of the semester ;-)

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Elisa Snaidero said...

Dear Sarah,
I read your comment and I'm very sad that you can't be my co-relatore. As you told me, I'll ask then an English Professor as soon as possible.