Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting ready for next semester...

Hello all,

The next semester is just around the corner so it's time I gave you some info on the situation.

Our first class will be Wednesday, February 27th at 14.30 in ex-Fiat EF9 in via Venezia.

The schedule for now is:
Group 1 Mondays 14.30-16.00 in Lab B, Maldura
Group 2 Mondays 16.00-17.30 in Lab B, Maldura
Everyone Wednesdays 14.30-16.00 in EF9
Change: Tuesdays 14.30-15.30 in an Engineering lab. I'll explain where it is :-)

I am currently in the process of setting up two exchanges (there are too many of you for one class abroad!) and it's no easy task. I've been reading your papers (will be getting you feedback soon) and I often read comments that you haven't had enough speaking practice. These comments only came from students in the Monday 2.30-4.00 slot because there were simply too many of you. Therefore, I am asking you to start seriously considering if you could come to the later slot. If we divide you exactly in half, then we get two nice groups.
One group will be doing (I hope!) an asynchronous text exchange and the other a synchronous oral exchange. For the synchronous exchange I'll need 12 people available on Wednesdays 2.30-4.00 and 12 people on Thursdays 3.00-4.00. Start thinking about it.

To sum up, this message is to start letting you know how things will be organized so that you can start organizing your calendar. I'll be sending more messages in the next few days, but in the meantime start thinking an, as always, write a comment if you've got questions.

Take care,



Martina said...

Dear Sarah,
thank you for your post. I need to organize my timetable because I work. I already wrote some comments to the e-tivity 10 post, but maybe you didn't receive them. I just wanted to know if you received my mid-term paper. I've got some problems with my mail, so I'm not sure you received it. I sent it on January 30th.

See you soon!
Martina Torresan

Marta said...

Dear Sarah,
I write to you because unfortunately I won't be attending our first lesson on Wednesday 27. February since I'll be working. Can I do something to avoid any problem for our further lessons?
I just add that I'll be attending our lesson on Monday from 12.30 as in the first semester..
Thank you! See y soon!!

alessia f. said...

Dear Sara,
I'm writing you because our semester is going to start and I have a little problem with Monday's lessons: unfortunately I can't be there at 1630 because of a course I have to attend (computer science)! Do you think I can change my turn coming at 1430?
Thank you,
all the best

Lamericaana said...

@Martina - Got the paper. It's been graded but I'm waiting till our first lesson to give them back ;-)

@Marta - Thanks for letting me know about Wed. I'm still trying to sort everything out for the second semester - it's no easy task organizing all of you and students abroad! Mondays would be at 14.30, not 12.30 and for Wednesdays I'll let you know. It might be fine for you to come on Thursdays. Would that work for you?

@Alessia - Thanks for letting me know, I presume it will be fine, but we'll have to sort everything out when we meet on Wednesdays.

Take care all,


Camilla said...

Dear Sara,
First of all, how are you?
I'm fine, just finished my exams and I'm getting ready for the next semester.
I've just had a look to your timetable and I think I'll need to come to your lab lesson on Thursady beacause on Wednsday I've got another lesson at the same time! Hope this will not be a problem!
As for Monday, I'll need to come at 14.30 because later in the afternoon I work...
However, I'll be in the lab on Wednesday 27, so that we things will be organized properly!
Have a good weekend!
See you soon,

enrico stanic said...

Hey guys
does anybody have a clue about EnglishII(Taylor/Busà): when it starts, at what time etc? Nobody seems to know it...


Elena said...

Hi Sarah,
how are you?
I read your message concerning out timetable for the second semester starting today. In the first semester I attended lessons with the first group, but this semester I'd like to shift to the second slot 16.00-17.30 on MOndays because every Monday I work till 14.30.
Obviously, we'll talk about it on Wednesday but it is just to let you know about it.
See you on wednesday!


Lamericaana said...

@Camilla - There has been a change. The American students are not available on Thursday, but rather on Tuesday. I'm currently in the process of trying to see if I can get a room for Tuesday. More updates on Wednesday.

@Enrico - I couldn't find the info either. I've written to them to ask and as soon as they reply, I'll post the info here.

@Elena - Which Elena are you ;-) ?

See you Wednesday!


Niko said...

Hi! I'm coming on Mondays: 16 zero zero to 17 three zero. Are we to come to Via-Venezia Lab on Tuesdays? Starting from this week?

Martina Urbani said...

Hi Enrico!

English lessons (Busà/Taylor) start on Wednesday at 12.30-14.15 in EF9 (via Venezia).

See you then!

Giovanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giovanna said...

Hi guys! Actually, Busà's lessons started this morning. There was a misunderstanding with the department!

Elena B said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm Elena Boscaro, the girl who asked to shift to the second slot on Monday. I had problems with my username and password.. I mean, I mixed it up with my id in Gmail. Anyway, I'm Elena Boscaro and my nickname in our blog is Elena B.
I hope that this comment will appear with the right nickname! ;-)
I try...

See you tomorrow!


Lamericaana said...

Dear all,

Prof. Busà wrote to me today. As Elena said, lessons started today but since many of you weren't there, it offically starts tomorrow.
I didn't realize you had her course before mine. You all will be getting your full of English on Wednesdays!

See you tomorrow.