Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Groups for Second Semester

Here are the groups for the second semester. If you weren't in class today, please send a comment to this message indicating which group you would like to be in. The two groups are pretty well distributed (as they should be) so first I'll be sending your tasks for Monday to the blog later on this evening.


Padova-Dickinson Exchange
Mondays (everyone): 16.00-17.30 Lab B Maldura
Tuesdays (7-14 students): 14.30-15.30 Pineca P20, via Marzolo, 9

Wednesdays (7-14 students): 14.30-15.30 Lab EF 9
Free time (2-4 students)

  1. Anna Bordignon (Tues)
  2. Martina Urbani (Tues)
  3. Marina Fuin (Tues)
  4. Federico Fiorentin (Tues)
  5. Alessia Ferrara (Tues)
  6. Valentina Mioni (Tues – but not on Mon. at 4.30)
  7. Laura Zoccarato (Tues – but not on Mon. at 4.30)
  8. Giovanna Foschini (Tues – but not on Mon. at 4.30)
  9. Sushu Zhang (Tues)
  10. Elena Costa (Wed)
  11. Martina Torresan (Wed)
  12. Sara Pahor (Wed)
  13. Alessandra Squaquara (Wed)
  14. Alberto Tono (Wed)
  15. Serena Santi (Wed)
  16. Cristina Robba (Wed)
  17. Alice Violato (Wed)
  18. Marta Tosato (Wed)
  19. Alessia Leonardi (Wed)
  20. Raffaella Panizzon (Wed)
  21. Stella (Wed)
  22. Eleonora Carta (spare time)
  23. Anna Giabardo (spare time)
  24. Claudia Turolla (spare time)
  25. Enrico Stanic (spare time)
Padova-Poznan Exchange

Mondays (everyone): 14.30-16.00 Lab B Maldura
Wednesdays (everyone): 14.30-16.00 EF9

  1. Sara Babetto
  2. Nicola Canton
  3. Elisa Caramori
  4. Davide Pozzato
  5. Marta Guarda
  6. Elena Boscaro
  7. Giada Guazzo
  8. Letizia Malacarne
  9. Silvia Nicolini
  10. Veronica Bozzato
  11. Elena Vivian
  12. Camilla Zulian
  13. Elena Carlet
  14. Selena Bortoletti
  15. Lisa Belluco
  16. Elena Sottil
  17. Elisa Rossi
  18. Roberta Fumani
  19. Giovanna Sperotto
  20. Nina Horakova
  21. Silvia Lovato
  22. Valeria Fagan
  23. Chiara Ramazzotti
  24. Caterina Luison
  25. Stefania


Silvia Lovato said...

Dear Sarah,
thank you so much for understanding!!! I managed to arrange my timetable and solve my problems.
Thank you so much,

Elisa Snaidero said...

Dear Sarah,
I wasn't in class yesterday; I would like to be in group 2 if that's possible.

Thank you,
Elisa Snaidero

Claudia said...

Hello Sarah,
I've seen my group is in "Padova-Dickinson Exchange", I have no problem on Monday, but I have several problem (as the last semester) on Tuesday and Wednesday...
If there is any way I can do the activities on my own anyway, let me know!

Claudia Turolla

monica said...

Dear Sarah, I wasn't in class on Wednesday;I would like to attend the second group Padova-Poznan exchange if it's possible.
Thank you,