Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Padova-Dickinson: Task 2

Purpose: The aim of this week’s task is to get prepared for our class discussion on Monday with Chiara Olivi from Dickinson and to continue reflecting on the questionnaires.


1 – Go to the Cultura website using INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY. All of the answers to the questionnaires are now available for viewing. Analyse the responses considering the following points:

Word Associations:

- choose the 3 words whose answers make the greatest impression on you
- check any vocabulary that is new to you
- what words appear most often in the responses for the 3 words you’ve chosen?
- which words appear only once?
- do most of the words have a positive or a negative connotation?

Sentence Completion
Choose the two that you found most interesting and try to understand why they struck you.

2 – Go to your group wiki pages and discuss your analyses. You can either do this directly on the wiki page or using the comment function for your page (on the top menu). ‘Discuss’, as you know, doesn’t mean just post, it also means read and respond :-)

3 – Based on your discussion, as a group come up with a series of questions you would like to ask Chiara next Monday in class. Post these questions on your group wiki page.

4 – Reflective Blogging. After each Skype exchange, I would like you to write a blog post in which you reflect on the experience. It’s your blog so, as always, you choose the contents and style. (If you want to ‘read’ each other, though you’re not required to comment, you could subscribe to each other’s blogs using Bloglines!)

Deadline: Monday morning, March 10, 2008

P.S. Did you notice the question they wrote on the wiki about 'raccomandato'? Did any of you discuss that with your peers? It's quite an amusing question ;-)

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Anonymous said...

yes Sarah, me and Elisa discussed about "raccomandati" in our conversation.Ashely asked us if Italy is a "meritocratico" country...image why we talked about "raccomandati:)...bye stella