Monday, March 09, 2009

Class Activity March 11

Developing your own blog

Now that you’ve started exploring the blogosphere and seen other people’s blogs, it’s time for you to become a blogger yourself and develop your own blog. In their comments on blogs, two students last year made the following comments: Francesca said “it is like a work of art: it expresses your personality" and Tania commented, bloggers "want to express their personal opinions and catch other readers' attention." This week it’s time for you to express your creativity and personality, to find your own style, and to figure out how to catch other bloggers' attention.

Task: Log on to blogger and rather than clicking on our course blog, develop your own. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. Choose a style, change the colors, add some links and some images or pictures, etc. Please include: 1 - a welcome message, 2 – a post in which you critically reflect on your first experience with blogging (e.g. what are your impressions) and if and in what way you think it can influence your language learning (e.g. reading colloquial English).

Write a comment back to this post in which you share the url of your new blog with the rest of us.

A student from last year's course wanted me to share this email with you that she wrote to me last week: "you know, I'm still blogging, even if without your tasks it is a bit difficult to write every week. The american Blogger friend camu i Italy once more, and that was an occasion to meet another blogger, a professor at the University in Genova. Tell your students that there are many interesting person you can meet with this kind of tools!"

Let's get to work!


N.B. If you weren't in class, then you need to do this on your own. If you're having difficulties, check out this tutorial on YouTube. If you type in the words "blogger tutorial" in YouTube you can find other tutorials on how to do various things with blogger.


Elisabetta said...

Hi everybody!Come and visit me, even if I'm still 'under construction'!

BertAnna said...

Hello everyboby!
This is my first blog, on which I'm still working on.
Come and visit it!

michela said...

Hi everybody!I share the url of my new blog with you!I hope this will be a great experience for us all!

Cristina P. said...

Hi everybody! This is my first blog. It is a bit too pink but I'm still working on it.Bye

Elena M said...

Hi Everybody!!
This is my first blog, come and visit it. I'm still working on it but it will be a success.
Elena M

Elena M said...

Hi Everybody!!
This is my first blog, come and visit it. I'm still working on it but it will be a success.
Elena M

Giorgia said...

OMG!I'm really excited about this new adventure...I'm going to have my own blog!
You know, I worked a lot during the first semester on a wikipage about blogs&social networks, but I have never had any direct experience...'till now!
Obviuosly I've not posted anything yet, but if you want to go and take a look this is my URL

See ya!

Chiara said...

I feel excited about all these new things we're learning in this course!! Now let's see what happens building up my new blog... :-)

Francesca said...

Hi guys!
This is my first blog in English..hope you'll find interesting!have a nice day!

fedyb said...

Hello everybody!!
This is going to be a wonderful experience...We will have our own blogs!!
This is mine:

Elisa said...

A brand new blog! I can't believe it! I'm still working on it but it will be great!

Ilaria said...

Hellooo!this is the link to my first blog: have a look!

Mario Bianchi Chiarani said...

Hi there! Take a look at my blog! I hope you like it!
that's the url:


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! I'm Anna Faggian and this is the url of my blog:

I invite all of you to enter my page and get in contact with me!

It is the first experience for me with the blog environment, I didn't knew anything about it since so fa! I discovered that it is very funny and also very easy to create your own personal communicative and social space!

Anna Faggian

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody! I'm quite slow with technolohy! Anyway I will apply myself and do my best to create my blog! Come and visit it.. The URL is: http://italian-englishheart.
I'm looking forward to reading your comments!!

Francesca maniero

Serena said...

Hi everybody!
I'm still under construction, but this is the URL of my first blog:

kitty violet said...

Hi guys,
today we've got in touch with an exciting experience,we've started to create our own blog! I think this is the most stimulating and thrilling activity I've ever done, because for the first time I'm facing with something that is truly mine and that is extremely useful to improve my language and communication skills. It won't be easy, but I'll strain as much as possible to make it work!
So,you have my url,check it out!

SaraM said...

Hi guys!
Here it is my blog,(not the first, but the n-one!!)
hope you enjoy it ;)



sarah said...

Ok, so here it is the url!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! I'm Valentina Tolfo and this is my blog:
Well, let's say that right now it's not really interesting, but I'll work on it, don't worry! If you wanna take a look as well, you're welcome to it! Bye : )

Arianna said...

hi all! I am Arianna, this is my url:
see you bye

sarah said...

Hi there...again!
This post's to tell you I have changed my url, here it is the new one,
see ya soon

Francesca M. said...

the url of my blog is
I hope you will enjoy reading it and leave your comments. I am eager to share ideas with you.
Francesca M.

Francesca M. said...

the url of my blog is
I hope you will enjoy reading it and leave your comments. I am eager to share ideas with you.
Francesca M.

Anonymous said...

And finally here is my blog:


Francesca F.

MartinaC. said...

Hello everybody, last but not least, here you are my blog. Hope you will enjoy:

See you soon!

Martina C.

Michela said...

Hi everybody!
my username on is mikimima.

Serena Zorzi said...

Hi all!
You are very welcome to visit my blog, which is still under construction! Here is the URL address: