Friday, October 20, 2006

Blogging etiquette

Since none of you have blogged before, I think it might be a good idea to go over a little etiquette for blogging. Etiquette involves basic rules like 'always sign your name', 'always cite your sources', 'don't be offensive', etc. Take a look at these resources then please send a comment with what you consider the 5 most important rules for blogging. These are, obviously, just 3 resources. If you find any others that are better, please send us the urls!

one blog post on etiquette for the blogging nation
top 10 weblog ethics

a learner's impression of blogs



isaperini said...


1)Do not use unconventional forms of spelling and presentation, write in a proper format (for example, do not wriye everything in capital letters).

2)make sure you give a way for your readers to contact you.

3)A blog has as its aim to propagate discussion (people respond to what is being talked about, whether they agree or not with what you wrote)

4)Have fun when you write on your blog: if you don't, you cannot expect others to have a good time reading it!

5)Find something original to talk about.

6)Don't be afraid to have your own opinions and to admit what you like.

Oh, and don't forget to always sign what you write!


limbo82 said...


A blog is a website which provides commentaries or news on a particular subject such as food, fashion, sport ect...
A blog is composed of images, links, texts according to what bloggers want to talk about.
Every blog id different to the ohters because "each bloggers have a different way of dealing with things".
A person who has never blogged before, should take some important rules into consideration:

1. It's very important to write in a proper format; this means that you have to avoid using unconventional forms of spelling and presentation.

2. It's always important to respect copyright laws. You can't post texts or full articles written by other people in yuor own weblog. You have to get the permission before doing it.

3. It's considered good etiquette to leave a way for your readers to contact you.

4. A blogger, who decides to leave a comment in someone else's blog, has to identify yourself with a real name and a email address; so the addressee will have the possibility to answer to his/her readers.

5. It's a good practice to mention the sources you have used to create your blog.

6. When you post a comment, It's better to avoid promoting your own blog, especially when your blog has nothing to do with the blog you have sent the comment.
It would be disruptive and rude!


larafalla said...


1. When you leave comments sign them, anonimity is not appropriate in blogging. Your identity has to be clear.

2. Leave a contact so readers can get in touch with you; blogging is something interactive you can't blog alone.

3. Quote your sources.

4. Be original. Your blog has to be interesting, otherwise why should readers visit it?

5. Don't be afraid to express your opinions even if you agree or not.