Thursday, October 19, 2006

Contribuente's prospectus

My name is Daniele and my birth dates from 1982. I dwell in Lonigo (Vicenza) with my parents and two brothers who fix the chronological extremes of the children. I'm possessed of a degree in Discipline della Mediazione linguistica e Culturale attained at the University of Padova about one year ago. At present I am enrolled in the second year (the last one) of the specialistic degree course in Lingue straniere per la comunicazione internazionale. The decision to continue my academic career is perceived by me as the result of a dilatory inertial state (characterized by incertitude and difficulty in finding a satisfying job) rather than the sign of a pervicacious and "future-oriented" will. Nevertheless, the prospect of becoming an English (or Spanish) teacher or a translator would not be completely disagreeable. In the meantime I'm trying to enhance my linguistic ability, in spite of the fact that it is necessary (above all as regards spoken language) to sojourn in foreign countries to reach a satisfactory level.
When I'm not at university and I do not have to aid my father in his job (he is a carrier), I like reading (I have not a favourite literary genre), playing trumpet (I played in the town band), watching movies (expecially the old ones), going to art exhibitions and to jazz concerts, playing football and drinking and revelling with my friends.
Politically I could be considered as a sort of anarchist, because I hate politicians and the entire political class as such, apathetic and expensive means of liberticide.
As regards economics I am an anti-liberalist, supporter of the Keynesian policies (now welfare state) and the safeguard of developing countries.
Philosophycally I share the schopenhauerian existential pessimism.
I can advise some interesting websites as, for example, or


larafalla said...

Hi Daniele.
I'm curious about your way of facing life in general, because it is completly different from mine. Could you deepen your vision of life? so I can measure mine with yours.

sono incuriosità dal tuo modo di vedere, affrontare vita che in molti p.ti è completam opposto al mio mi piacereb ke potess approf meglio la tua visione del mondo per potermi confrontare

limbo82 said...

Hi Daniele!
Firstly, I compliment you on the way you write. Sometimes you use a particular and original language and the sentences you composed are never expected or banal.
Secondly, the idea to become an english or spanish teacher could be also one of my plans, but I'm not sure to go in for this profession because I would have to attend another school called SIS.
I like going to art exhibitions, too! but, sincerely, I don't have much free time. However, if you are interested in modern art, during this month there will be an interesting art exhibition in Trento where some Kokoschka and Klimt paintings' will be exposed.

Magicesca said...

Hi Daniele!
I hate the whole political, too, even if I don't think to be an anarchist because it implies a very strong and extreme stance.
I'm only an apolitical.
I'm also interested in your pessimism. I believe that it can be positive if you use it as an impulse to achieve a result.

Lamericaana said...

Daniele, what's the meaning of your username "il contribuente"?