Monday, October 23, 2006

e-tivity 1: summary

Well, it looks like you all actually have a lot in common, in addition to the fact that you are all on the same degree course! You are all, obviously, attracted to languages and many of you seem interested in going into the field of tourism when you graduate be it as a tour guide travelling the world or an entrepreneur with your own travel agent’s. I was also surprised to see that many of you work; I was under the impression that Italian students didn’t work.

You have also got some common interests: watching movies (at home or out, comedy or epic), reading (novels, comics) and going out with your friends. You’re not a group of athletes, though some of you do enjoy sports (mountain biking, swimming, dancing).

None of you seem to be real ‘techies’ in the sense that you don’t dedicate yourselves to spending time on the computer, surfing the net, etc., but we’ll see how that changes this semester ;-)

Job well done on e-tivity 1!


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