Thursday, October 26, 2006

Isabella exploring the blogosphere..

Hi there!!

...I have just finished my blog-research and have certainly achieved the purpose of e-tivity 2: I have definitely become aware of how large and varied the blogosphere is!

The two blogs I have chosen to talk to you about have to do with two of my hobbies: movies and cooking! Here they are:

- Stuck in the 80s
this blog is about the most famous films and actors of the 80s. It captured my attention because of its layout, nice and clear, and because it talks about the top 50 funniest comedies of the 80s, citing from each one of them a funny sentence and remembering their most famous actors. Of course I don't know all of these films but I had a good time reading what this 80s addict Steve Spears wrote on his blog. There is of course also some information about Mr. Spears and I think it is a good example of what a blog should be like.

- Simply Recipes
is the blog I prefer between the two because it is really useful for anyone that needs some hints to learn how to cook! There is a long list of recipes by type you can go through and chose what most interests you at the moment; there also is a good number of more cooking and food blogs and links, together with some books and magazine the author of the blog considers useful..take a look at it! And there also is information on how to contact the author of the blog, Elise Bauer for any curiosity!

According to the blogs I have read in these days I can say that the style used on the blogosphere is mainly informal, perhaps sometimes vulgar but I guess it depends also on the age of who is writing. However, blogs are usually used to share experiences, ideas and hobbies with the world searching perhaps someone who thinks what you think.

Well, I think that's all...bye!



limbo82 said...

Hi Isabella!
I explored the two blogs you have chosen and I found them very nice, especially the blog about the most famous films and actors of the 80s. I discovered a movie entitled "pretty in pink" that I watched many years ago. I liked it a lot! I remembered that I recorded it because once, I usually collected movies about love stories...but I didn't know that "pretty in pink" was considered a masterpiece!
Concerning the blog about recipes, I agree with you: I think it is very useful for anyone that want to learn how to cook.
I found a long list of good recipes such as Caramel Apples, Sherry potatoes or Chicken Peanut curry I tried to see one of them (Lasagne alla bolognese!) Every part of that recipe was explained very well and there were also numerous photos to make clear the procedure.
I think this blog completely satisfy your curiosity about how to cook.


larafalla said...

Hello Isabella!

I like the blog you suggest about the most famous 80s movies! I found a picture of Forest Whitaker, an actor who played in "Ghost Dog" a 1999 film about an American samurai of nowadaysand. Now I know that he played in so many other movies! Wow!I'm pleased because among the funniest movies of the 80s there's Beverly Hills Cop!! I love it! It's so funny!

Well done, you found a very interesting blog!


Magicesca said...

Hi Isabella.
I really enjoy the blog about 80s you chose.
It’s too funny!
I know a lot of the films in the lists such as A fish called Wanda, Big, The Airplane, The Vacation, Back to the future, etc which I have seen when I was younger but I must confess that when they are on tv I watch them with pleasure.
This blog gives also the possibility of getting more information about other types of films thanks to its links and, as you said, the layout facilitates this act.
I have also appreciated the section dedicated to 80’s music and the downloading of the different files. It is a good chance to interact with people with the same interests as yours.

danielina82 said...

Hi Isabella!
The blog about recipes is really nice and I think it was very well designed because it has a very clear and neat layout.
It provides us a list of recipes ordered by type that allows readers to access very quickly to their favourite recipe according to the dish they prefer. Additionally, recipes are explained very well and photos are beautiful.
It seems an on-line cookbook, but it is more interesting because it contains not only the objective description of how to prepare a dish, but also the author's subjective opinions about it.