Saturday, October 28, 2006

e-tivity 2: weave

I see you all got a real taste of what the blogoshpere is about - both good and bad. For this week's feedback I've done what is called weave. Rather than summing up what you've said, I've chosen bits and pieces of what you said and put them together to represent what I think you all have gotten out of this activity. We'll talk about it more in class next week :-)



Your impressions of the blogosphere…

The blogosphere is an infinite universe (55 millions of blogs) in which you really risk getting lost in the flow of words and notions. (Francesca)

I have just finished my blog-research and have certainly achieved the purpose of e-tivity 2: I have definitely become aware of how large and varied the blogosphere is! (Isabella)

And what you’ve learned…

However I wasn’t actually satisfied with my research having just a list of blog links … Therefore I tried to refine my research… (Daniela)

This experience has been useful because I have learned that before venturing into a blog research, you must have a fair idea of what you are looking for.
If not, you are only wasting your time and energy. (Francesca)

The genre of the blogosphere

According to the blogs I have read in these days I can say that the style used on the blogosphere is mainly informal... (Isabella)

…bloggers tend to use a simple and clear style that makes the contents easily comprehensible. (Daniela)

…it is mainly simple, clear, informal and easy to understand. They don't use incomprehensible words or complex verbal constructions. (Valentina)

The style used … is similar to that of a friends' group who chats for fun about what they like. (Lara)

… its style altogether informal reflects writers' oscillation between the subjective comment and the "impersonal" review. (Daniele)

I think that short sentences and plain language (not ambiguous) are parts of the blog universe. (Francesca)


The kind of language changes together with the kind of users who leave their bit on the blog. (Alice)

I guess it depends also on the age of who is writing. (Isabella)

I'm sure it depends on the author and the topic. (Lara)

I believe that the styles used on the blogosphere are various and depend on the age of the bloggers and the topics presented. (Francesca)
I think also that the aim of a blog is important in choosing a particular style. (Francesca)

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