Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lara's blog

Hi everyone!! :-)

I give you the address of my blog

I wait for your comments!!!!

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Magicesca said...

Hello Larafalla!
Our blogs have a lot in common.
We subscribe to the aim of a blog (communication) and the importance of blogging in the colloquial English learning.
Do you think that this activity in class could help us in our job?
I believe that we are improving our computer abilities as well.
I enjoy your nice dark blog: the first approach has been rather positive. You used revealing short sentences which didn’t bore the readers and encouraged them to take part to the discussion you promoted.
But I have a question for you, Lara.
I’m thinking about a blog in which people coming from different countries can talk to each other in English.
In your opinion, the communicative acts could work so well as in our course blogs?
We are all students learning English (not natives) and we are able to understand the language of our classmates. We can’t take the hints in their speeches!
Let me know.
Thanks a lot.

gioia-volley said...

Hiya Lara!
I got a look at your blog and I found it pretty nice ;-) I like its dark layout and your nickname sounds so good that one can only wonder at it! The subtitle is great, it explains clearly our efforts to learn English and more in general a foreign language. I share your ideas about blogging and I guess you've found out a good way to express it: your effective keywords are easy to understand and they make the text worth reading! Well done!
Photos and pictures are all quoted and that's good! - I forgot to quote my photo in my blog :-(
I found the first comment someone left on your blog absolutely uncalled-for ! I guess he didn't respect a couple of blogging rules that a fine blogger should know: he didn't sign it and he didn't quote his impressions saying why or why not.Its comment has really annoyed me.
Enjoy your blog!

Lamericaana said...

Dear Francesca,
What you're suggesting is something I'm very interested in too; it's called English as a lingua-franca, i.e. non-native speakers who use English to communicate. In the end, a large percentage of the global communication in English is this and not between native speakers. Keep on thinking about it. If you want some time mid-course we could consider setting up a blog like this together and maybe finding some place to advertise it so that people could come and participate. It would be a fantastic project for the end of the course, rather than doing a paper!