Friday, October 27, 2006

I hate Technorati!!!!! I'm lost in the labyrinth of the Blogosphere!!!

Hi everyone!!!!!

Oh my God!!! Did you spend about 2 or 3 hours before the computer to find something nice, like me? I didn't think it was so difficult to find something interesting. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
I thought I could use the net but I have to recognize: I have a lot to learn!

Well, I was looking for something like e.g. martial arts, comics, chinese movies, swords etc., in order to give you a more precise picture of me - and at the same time to get information about what I like - but I gave up! Yes, of course I found some blogs about these subjects but none good enough, in my opinion.

Seeing as it was a long search I became hungry and I decided to look for blogs about food. I noticed that hunger can be a successful tool to hunt out what you're searching for!!

I suggest you 3 websites about food and cooking:
it's a nice blog because gives us recipes, information about particular kinds of food and the author's impressions. However the layout is too heavy I think.
it gives recipes too, but it's more professional than the first.
seeing as I'd like to learn how to prepare cous cous I was looking for some information about it.

The languages of blogs is simple, clear, easy to understand and informal; concerning the blogs I visited it isn't vulgar but I'm sure it depends on the author and the topic. The links are always next to the main text in order to find them easily.

The style used in the blogosphere is informal, familiar, it's similar to that of a friends' group who chats for fun about what they like.

That's all, I wait for your comments!!!

bye bye



Lamericaana said...

Dear Lara,
I appreciate your frustration. Our day and age is characterized by what is called "information overload". There's so much out there that it can be difficult to find what you need. I hope during this course I can help you learn how to manage the information overload better. We'll definitely be working on tools we can use to help out :-)


p.s. Now you've made me hungry!

Magicesca said...

Lara, I appreciated the first blog you chose.
I think the way the blogger talks about food is really original because of the similes referred to the afterlife. I don’t believe I will taste these specialities (except for the courgette filo pie, maybe) but I love the mixture between cooking and figurative language.
I enjoyed the reference to the past when our grandparents ate organ meats (they had no choice): although they are rich in vitamins, iron, etc I find them deeply disgusting.
However, I’m perfectly aware of the fact that some fast food and take away restaurants offer to their customers poor quality, so this blog could help us to reflect upon our dietary habits in order to improve them.

gioia-volley said...

Hiya Lara!
I had a look at the blogs you had recommended even though I don't like cooking at all :-( but I appreciated the photos a lot! I love cakes and over there I've found some very interesting recipes. I will print them out for my mother! I'm sure she knows how to use them ;-)I guess I've also discovered a kind of chef's jargon which is quite funny!
Thanks then! See you!