Friday, October 27, 2006


...Finally, after two hours of search for blogs that could interest me, I found two that satisfy my curiosity!

Firstly, I went to Technorati and looked for the word "fashion". Unluckily, my search produced different results from what I wanted to get.
I discovered blogs which didn't satisfy me because they didn't show what I wished to see about fashion.

However, I was attracted by the etiquette "Fashiontribes". It was a particular and strange word; sincerely, as I didn't know its meaning, I tried to see if there was something that could like me, but... I wasn't lucky!

I wanted to abandon my search for fashion's blog when I found another etiquette:"Fashion expert".
I discovered a blog very nice and very attractive! It deals with the great italian designers such as Armani, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferrè, Roberto Cavalli, Versace and many other important artists who have expanded their business all over the world.

This blog captured my attention because it's composed of three interesting pages characterized by various photos and numerous links about the collections of glasses proposed by every fashion designer.

Another interesting aspect to point out is the structure in which the blog is organized: the main pages show a series of articles about the latest luxurious creations presented at Milan's fashion week.
At the end of these articles you can post a comment in which you express your opinions and thoughts.

The other blog that caught my interest was about "modern art". It is composed of numerous photos and pictures which show particular and strange images.
Every works is characterized by a different and new style.
I was very enthusiastic about this's original and very interesting!

The layout is similar to the fashion's blog but, in this case, there are no articles that describe the various paintings.

You have the possibility to post a comment in which you can write your impressions or giving your opinions about the illustrations, graphic designs, paintings and photos you have seen.

The home page presents numerous links which give you the possibility to access to other important web sites.

Concerning the language used by the bloggers, it is mainly simple, clear, informal and easy to understand.
They don't use incomprehensible words or complex verbal constructions.

The blogs I discovered are accessible to everyone who want to know something about italian fashion and "modern art".

Have a look at my blogs and tell me what you think about them :



Magicesca said...

Hi Valentina.
I don’t have a great knowledge about pop art.
I knew only some of Andy Warhols’s paintings and I think that the blog you chose, especially the section concerning Visual arts, is quite interesting and can improve my knowledge on this subject.
This blog is very stimulating and rich in information on different topics, so, I enjoy reading it.
I think it is well organized and represents a good starting point to deepen our curiosities.

larafalla said...

Hi Valentina,

Like Francesca I don't know pop art very deeply, I remember only Warhols and Lichtenstein's works. I like this blog because it has a visual impact that capture the reader and makes you curious about "contemporary" pop art.
The only fault I find is the slowness of loading it beacuse of images; it's a problem for users who haven't got ADSL connection like me, but I see it's comprehensible.
A very interesting blog, in particular the Photography part.

il_contribuente said...

Dear Valentina,
I carefully examined the blog about pop art.
I opine that it offers suggestive images endowed with experimental voluptuousness, desperate staticness and disquieting morbidness. There are almost only portraits of women. I like it.
In addition, it offers the opportunity of partecipating to different projects and a great quantity of links to blogs and websites aimed towards the promotion of young artists.
The lay-out of this blog can be considered simple and intuitive, almost essential.
Bye! See you.

danielina82 said...

Hi Valentina,
the blog about modern art is very fascinating!
It is rich in charming images - both photos and paintings - and gives also the opportunity to listen to nice music files.
The images that I like best are the works of art by Marco Guerra and Yasmina Alaoui. They are a combination of Marco's photos and Yasmina's drawing that take inspiration from islamic art and culture.