Monday, October 16, 2006

sporty joy

Hi everyone! Being interested in getting to know a sporty joy?!? Well, that's how I'd like to describe myself ... Let' say a girl whose name's Alice but not yet in wonderland :-)
I'm still living with my parents in a village close to Verona where there aren't so many interesting things to do, just playing volleyball in the gym and cycling nearby.
Are you fond of mountain bike? My last exploit was in Folgaria a couple of weeks ago, trying to do the so called 100km dei forti but it wasn't actually a big success :-(
During the summer time I used to work in a campsite on Lake Garda so for a couple of months I move into a flat in San Benedetto di Lugana which I share with one of my best friends whom nickname is la socia. I always have such a good time over there. I met la socia at the university in Verona where I've done my triennale in foreign languages for tourism while here in Padua I'm doing my specialistica in english and german, trying to learn dutch too.


Magicesca said...

Hi Alice.
Talk me about your work experience in the campsite.
Have you practised your English and German?
What kind of tourists you dealt with?

larafalla said...

Hello Alice!
I'm very interested in your summer job, too. Please, could you tell us something more precise about it? Was you in touch with tourists? Have you ever had some problem with them?
I'd like a job in contact with people but sincerely at the same time I'm a little bit scared of it because I'm quite shy. Do you think it could be a problem? or is it a habit matter?

isaperini said...

Hi Alice! I love to make journeys with my bike but I have certainly never done anything similar to what you call the '100 km dei forti'!!How long did it take you?Do you know any site where I can find nice bike-trips, perhaps a little shorter than 100 km long?