Monday, October 16, 2006


Hello! I'm Lara, I'm 24 and I come from a very small village, Sanguinetto, 40 km far from Verona. At the moment I'm living and studying in Padua, where I'm attending the specialistica of Foreing Languages for International Communication; I chose it because I love foreing languages - I study English and German - but at the same time technical subjects as economics and law, I think, and hope, they are useful to find a job, maybe concerning tourism, a field that fascinates me and that I studied during the triennale at the University of Verona.
I love reading Japanese and Disney's comics, role-playing games such as Dungeous and Dragons, X-box role- games such as Fable, movies full of epic atmosphere such as The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia. But my favourite saga is Star Wars - I love Darth Vader!
As you can see my hobbies are quite sedentary, but I like going out for a walk with my boyfriend especially in the mountains: we love walking on Monte Baldo and Monte Carega, two chains of mountains between Garda Lake and Verona.
I chose a Donald Duck's picture because I adore him and I think he's very similar to me: nice, hysteric, irritable and funny.
Concernig web sites, obviously the site that I visit almost everyday is or but I recommend for example which is the address of a shop in Verona that sells role-playing games, which gives several information about the city and which gives not only news about Verona but also about its territory, you can see pictures of Monte Baldo, Garda Lake, etc... I hope you'll like these links!
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isaperini said...

Hi Lara!I love your city!Unfortunately I have not had the chance to go to Verona very often lately but I really like it, so thankyou for the sites you have written in your presentation, I hope they will be usefull for me to know Verona better!

il_contribuente said...

Hi Lara!
I love Star Wars as well, a cinematographic masterpiece.The greatness of George Lucas in this movie is justified by the fact that he has created a film putting together (even ironically) many references to other films. In addition, it is a brilliant pastiche which condenses many different genres, like for example science fiction, western, adventure, war, etc...
Nevertheless,I don't like very much the last three episodes (which, in fact, are chronologically the first ones); I consider them less original, more forced. For me the best episode is episode 4. My favourite character is Jan Solo (Harrison Ford).

gioia-volley said...

Hi there! I guess you shouldn't let the tourists scare you even thought you said you're quite shy! Keep always in mind that most of the time they're lost without your information, they don't know where they've to go and if they're foreigners they actually cannot understand a world in Italian :-( You should see this job as a kind of mission! And I'm sure you will manage to work in tourism very well!!! Don't worry! Alice

limbo82 said...

Hi Lara!
You wrote in your comment that you think I'm a patient person, but, sincerely, this is not exactly true.
Reading your description, I saw that I'm very similar to you: I'm nice and funny but also very hysteric and irritable.
I don't know why I'd like teaching, given my character but I like passing on to other persons what I've learned during my academic career.
I have your same problem: I'm sedentary; in fact I don't play sport because I'm a very lazy person.
However, you've given me a good idea: next week I'll try to go for a walk in the mountain!

danielina82 said...
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danielina82 said...

Hi Lara!
I'd like to live where you are: in a small and peaceful village, near two marvellous places - Verona and Garda Lake - and near the mountain. It must be extraordinary! I think that on Sundays you don't have problems to find a place where spending the day, contrary to what happens to people - like me - who live in towns.
Reading your introduction, I felt like spending a weekend near Garda Lake and visiting Monte Baldo and Monte Carega. I'll go on the website to see their pictures!