Sunday, December 17, 2006


I went to see all the pages edited by my classmates in edutech wiki and think that they all worked hard on this e-tivity and ended up doing a good job. Personally, I did not find much to critisize in their works. However, there are a couple of small corrections I would do, even if they are just personal suggestions that are not very relevant.

Francesca’s contribution on the Programmed Instruction page:

I found Francesca’s contribution well organized and clear. She contributed to this page giving interesting information. Just one suggestion: I would make two different lists, i.e one for the links and one for the references instead of putting them all together. However, for the rest of her contribution I think there is absolutelt nothing to add.

Alice’s contribution to the E-tutoring page:

Well, I think Alice really improved her last week’s work. Now it is much more clearly divided into sections. Moreover, the subject is analysed with specific language and with a formal register, which in my opinion is the correct style for this kind of wiki.

Daniele’s contribution to the Behaviorism page:

I really enjoyed reading Daniele’s page. I think it was written in a good English, and the organization of the text makes it easy to read. The subject is very interesting (I like these kind of things) and in my opinion the information given is exhaustive and I certainly learned something new. I don’t think I would add anything to this page. Perhaps I would just edit one thing, but just as a personal choice: I wouldn’t divide the definition in different points, I would just make a short paragraph with the same information.

Lara’s contribution to the Social Bookmarking page:

I think Lara’s paragraph on Educational Usage is clear and a good contribution. The definition paragraph is, however, not very clear to me; so I would write it in a more simple way even if, perhaps, it was not originally written by Lara. Her contribution to the page on podcasts is very good as well.

Valentina’s contribution to the page on Podcasts:

The paragragh on Podcasts for language learning is well written. There is a good number of specific terms in bold which give a scientific aspect to the contribution. Moreover, there are a lot of links that deal with podcasting which whoever wants to know more about it can go and see and gather more information.

Daniela’s contribution to the page on Websites :

I’m very glad Daniela contributed to my same page because in this way we were able to develope a little more this topic together. I think her work is good and I have nothing to add. The only thing is that I am not sure her reference to the book by Boardman is correctly written.
I would write it like this:
Boardman, Mark (2005). The Language of Websites. London, Routledge.


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