Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lara's feedback

By reading our contribution to
edutech wiki I realized that we all improved our work. As Francesca and Valentina have already said in our contributions there are some common features:
  • a clear layout: each paragraph corresponds to a specific topic;
  • original and meanigful content;
  • internal links;
  • precise references.
However in my opinion we are not very concise and still prefer to write a lot in order to be clearer and more accurate but at the same time we risk to be too wordy and to loose audience's attention. Writing only important pieces of information by reducing resources we find on the Net and by putting them together with our personal thoughts about that topic is not easy, indeed is very very difficult but I think it is necessary.

I appreciate contributions of those who worked on new subjects because they have demonstrate to have critical thinking in writing something significant on a topic they probably didn't know before. Thanks to them I learnt something new!

By contributing with Valentina on the Podcasting page I realized that wiking is absolutely a collaborative work: it's very interesting comparing what you write to others' one but accepting changes is complicated and even more when you don't know who has modifyed yours and don't discuss with them in order to find a solution together.

Well, even if I pointed out some imperfections I think we did an excelent work!!


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