Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alessandra Teso

I chose this picture (from
Flickr) because turtles and tortoises are MY animals: they are so funny and sweet, wise and cunning and in some ways they represent me! I’m quiet and patient as they are, but I’m stubborn and I always try to do averything I can to achieve my aims (like the small turtles that with so much effort cross the beach to reach the sea!). When they feel in danger, close themselves in their shell and seem to say “Don’t touch me!Leave me alone!”...and when I have problems I prefer to stay alone and I’d like to have a shell that hides me. They are silent animals, and also in this aspect we are similar: I talk only when I have something to say and I seldom talk about myself. Finally they are so nice animals and they always make me smile...
Moreover I put a picture of a turtle rather than a tortoise because I love sea and water, during my summer holidays I have to spend some days swimming, sunbathing and looking at sunsets from the beach! And I try every year to find a new beach and a new sea to explore with my boyfriend, who shares with me this passion for sea and the discovery of new beautiful places where spend some days of relax and fun. Clearly, my dream is to reach the Galapagos islands!
Unfortunatly these days are only a very small part of the year, and the rest of the days I live in Padua with my parents, now attending the english course (my very last exam!!!), giving private english lessons to a student, playing volleyball, spending my sparetime with friends and my boyfriend... I like going to the cinema, reading some good novels (in these days “L’ombra del vento” by Zafon), playing with my boyfriend’s dog and tortoises (!)... Obviously, I have a very large collection of turtles and tortoises of every size and material, coming from all around the world: they are beautiful!!!


shoun said...

Hi Alessandra!I had a nice turtle a few years ago so I can understand what you mean, but it died frozen!!! Poor it! What about you? Have you a real one or you just collect fake turtles and tortoises? Tania

Alessandra Teso said...

Did it die frozen?!?!?!Oh poor turtle Tania... Once I had one, its name was Enea, but it died because of conjunctivitis... It was so sad... I buried it in my grandma's garden! And then I convinced my boyfriend in keeping two tortoises in his garden!Sometimes they try to escape, but they are funny!

Erica Buzz said...

I had a turtle, too, when I was a child. I don't remember its name, but I remember that it ate so much and liked walking (it did not live in water). it liked so much walking, that one afternoon I did not find it anymore...sigh!? :(

viola said...

Dear Alessandra,
after reading all the previous comment, I suggest you NEVER get a real turtle or tortois since they all end up so tragically!!!
Anyway, you have made me look at turtles from a different point of view and I can say that they are really amazing animals!Love,

Elena said...

I have a tragical story about turtles, too...Sorry!:-)
My sister had to water turtles living in a tub. In summer she forgot the tub in the balcony and both of the turtles died because the water got too hot.
They are delicate animals, despite what they look like and I really like the comparison you did to your parsonality, I find it original even if I don't think that when one has a problem should stay alone too long. In certain cases talking with somebody we trust or confronting with somebodyelse can be helpful to solve what goes wrong!