Tuesday, February 27, 2007


photo from flickr

Hi Everybody!!

I'm a 24- year old girl and my name is Alida!

I'm studying languages at the University of Padua and I wish I could work abroad as soon as I get my degree. I love Italy but I believe that there is a world out there that needs to be discovered.

I love reading, travelling and going out with my friends. I adore watching movies and I'm quite interested in politics.

This wonderful photo shows a palm, some white sand, a blue sky and crystalline water. Many people who know me, may wonder why I chose this photo to represent me, but it is easily explainable. First of all, in order to be honest, I must admit that I chose this photo because it represents my greatest dream rather than representing me directly. I wish I could be there right now. I don't think there exists nothing as beautiful as an exotic beach. I love travelling, swimming, sunbathing and especially relaxing- don't you think is it the right place to carry out all those actions?

Looking at the picture the first things you are to feel are calm and peace. You can imagine it as a silent place where you can hear occasional natural sounds and nothing else. The photo makes me fancy that as soon as the sun goes down on the horizons, a wonderful party starts in that same beach where boys and girls enjoy themselves next to a bonfire. I imagine them dancing and singing surrounded by music and the sound of the waves. I can imagine them laughing, kissing, talking and having fun- and this thought makes me feel good.

After this description, it may be a little easier to understand why I chose this picture. People who know me, should recognize that these features may be found in me as well. Indeed I am a quiet person that is always willing to rest. Many times I do appreciate either silence or listening to the others instead of talking. On the other hand there is another part of me. A part that usually comes out in the evenings or during the weekends: it is represented by the one I described as the "hidden side of the photo". Indeed I believe that interpersonal relations, such as love and friendship, have a primary importance in everybody's life. When I am surrounded by people I can't help being sociable, cheerful and sweet as those people I imagine to be there after the sunset. People who believed me not to be represented by this photo are now to understand why I chose it. They also know that I love summer and seaside while hating everything that is cold, so, I'm sure that there isn't a picture that may represent me better than this one. I must state that there is something else that made me pick up this photo as soon as I saw it among many others: its colours. Light blue, blue and green are my favourite colours and this is indeed another reason that allows me to say that this is the right photo for me!

I hope I can leave my polluted city and reach such a place as soon as possible.



Erica Buzz said...

Alida, the photo you chose is beautiful, however I don't agree with something you wrote in your presentation. First of all, if I had to visit a place such as that betrayed I would never spent my holidays there relaxing and sunbathing. I don' like doing these things (ok, some relax is necessary, but I don' think I would spend my money just to go in a similar place just to sit and sunbathe, doing nothing else). If I was there, I would walk, take photographs, swim, try to know more about the natural environment, inhabitants...
Then, you wrote that you love summer but you hate everything that is cold. I love summer, too, but I also like winter, because of the snow, Christmas, winter holidays, and also because of its atmosphere, which is completely different from that of summer. Summer is noisy, full of life and colours, people seem to be mad looking for a place to go on holiday, every one goes to the beach, sunbathes...Winter is calm, nature is sleeping, and these are the aspects I like of it.

alexandra said...

Dear Alida,
I met you some years ago during our three-year course and when I read your description I liked it because it shows how you are: you always wear sunny smiles, you are cheerful and joyful as your disposition to life is very positive. And the picture you have chosen best represents you!
However, despite liking it very much, I must say that I would not like to be there because I prefer spending holidays at mountain resorts where I can do much more activities. Staying at the seaside makes me nervous because I do not like sunbathing, nor swimming or relaxing on the shore. Relax means to me reading, walking, listening to music, visiting places... I love active holidays less than relaxing ones as most people do!

Alida said...

Dear Erica
I want to thank you for your comment. Anyhow I see that what you wrote was totally opposed to my presentation. I believe that this is one of the functions of the blogging. It just means that we are two different people. If you want to add something else about you, you are welcome!. We can start a discussion about our lifestyles. It may be funny!

Alida said...

dear Alex,
I liked your description about the two of us. I totally agree with you!
According to Blake the world is made up of "complementary opposites" and maybe this is the reason why we are such good friends!
Enjoy your journey! I'm looking forward to receiving your emails!