Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Erica Buzzacarin

Hi everyone!!!!
My name is Erica, I’m 24 and I live near Padua with my parents and my brother, who I adore!!!

I’m studying at the University of Padua and hopefully this is going to be the last semester I’m attending courses, because at the end of September I think I will get the five-year degree in the course “Lingue Straniere per la Comunicazione Internazionale”.

I’ve chosen this photo because I think it represents me in a complete way.
I took it two years ago in Austria, at the Worthersee. I like it because it reminds me the beautiful days I spent there, and because when looking at it I feel free. Each element which is present in this photo represents many aspects of my character and what I like doing.

-The water: I am determined and stubborn, because I like doing what I like and when I want to achieve an aim, I do everything in order to do it.
-The clouds and the sun: I am moody, but I’m also very sweet and good with other people. I like feeling free, like the clouds in the sky, which are free to move in the sky and change their aspect.
-The lake: I am romantic, but also realistic. and sensitive to other people’s feelings. I like listening to what my friend want to say, and I like helping them solving their problems. I am realistic in the sense that I do not give importance to the superfluous things, because I think what can give me happiness is not object but feelings.

My hobbies:

I like spending my time with my friends and my family. I like playing the guitar, walking, swimming, going to the mountain but also to the lake. I like watching landscapes, thinking about what happens to my life, feeling the wind ruffling my hair, looking at the clouds, moving slowly from one side to the other of the sky, which is so beautiful and immense.
In my spare time I like visiting places in which I’ve never been, taking photographs and looking at them. I really spend a lot of time taking photographs!!!!
Another thing I like doing is reading books about the Chinese culture and philosophy. I am very curious and, as soon as I live, I would like to learn new things as much as possible.

The websites I visit very often are:
- Lettere e Filosofia and Scienze Politiche, where I can find information about exams, courses, timetables;
-Google, a good tool if I have to look for information and links useful for University courses and my thesis;
-Libero, which I use to read and write e-mails;
-Padovanet, where I find information about jobs, cinemas, museums and what is happening in Padua.


Alessandra Peron said...

Hi Erica, your picture is amazing! And you took it yourself... good job, I'm impressed!
Anyway, I must admit I'm a bit surprised at your choice. I think I know you pretty well by now, and I've always pictured you as a very optimistic, energetic person. I expected you to pick a photo with the sun shining, not one with the cloudy sky! It is true that the sky isn't dark grey, and the whole picture suggests a very peaceful atmosphere, so in the end I can understand why you chose this. It is beautiful, after all...

viola said...

Hi Erica!
Your picture is really wonderful!It is at a time relaxing but also full of energy!You explained your character really well and I understand why you chose this picture!It's amazing how nature often seems to reflect our mood!Love,

susi said...

Hi Erica!
I really like your picture and I think it was a great idea to choose a picture that you have taken yourself! I like taking pictures too and I think that some pictures are very personal, in the sense that they may say a lot about the photographer. Moreover I like watching landscapes like you do and I think it is amazing how much varieties of landscapes you can find all over the world.
See you soon, susanne