Wednesday, February 28, 2007

La mia foto

Dear all, my name is Viola and I'm on my last year of university. I live in Grisignano di Zocco, a small village between Padua and Vicenza but next month I'm going to move in a new apartment with my boyfriend.

You are probably wondering why I have chosen this picture! I don't know the people in the picture but I have a lot in common with them. First of all, of course, the passion for dancing. But this picture says a lot more than this. It talks of fun and joyful moments, but also of hard working and competitivity. And it says that no matter what age you are, you should not deny yourself any opportunity of having fun! I am exactly like these people: I love dancing because I have fun, I meet people and I can truly express myself, but I'm also a person who works hard and is never satisfied until everything is done well. I also tend to be a competitive person, even though I do not like this side of my character. I think this picture says that we must never give up on our dreams, and this is an attitude we should all have towards life!
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I am not very good with computers and Internet (this is my first time blogging and I'm still not very good at it!) but I use it to check my email on, a site where you can also find a link to the Yellow and White Pages and maps of every city.
I also use a lot as a search engine.


Alessandra Peron said...

Hi Viola, what a nice picture you've picked! I think it's great that you enjoy dancing so much; all my friends are crazy about salsa... I'm not so fond of it (ok, scratch that: I'm completely rubbish at it and can never remember the steps), but I dance for myself, in my room, when there's no one watching and I can't feel embarrassed...

Erica Buzz said...

Wow Viola!!!This was the first thing that came to my mind as I saw your picture. Maybe it is because I love dancing so much, that everytime I hear music I start moving anf having fun! Which type pf dance do you like? Personally I love ballet, but I like also other types of it, such as hip hop, modern, funky...The one perhaps I don't like so much is jazz, because it is more "particular". I even like tango and paso doble, even though I am not able to dance them.

erica bergamin said...

Hi Viola, I must admit I was a little bit surprised when I saw the picture you've picked!!! Anyway, I really appreciated the description you've made, especially when you say that dancing is a form of expression. It is important to find something in this life that makes you happy and complete, it's such a great feeling! I also appreciated your final "we must never give up on our dream". Apart from the fact that I agree with you and that it is such a beautiful sentence, I think that to have this positive and competitive attitude will help you very much in your life!!

susi said...

Hi Viola,
I like your picture and I share your passion for dancing. I really like dancing, but unfortunately most of my friends do not and therefore usually we have to agree to a compromise:-) However, not all of my friends are like this: one friend of mine is working as a dancing master and competes in international competitions. Dancing is the most important thing in her life. I really enjoy watching her when she is dancing.
Hope to see you soon, susanne