Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Alida's favourite blogs

photo from flickr

After having surfed the net for an entire afternoon I decided that these two blogs were worth reading:
The first one is included into The first time I read the name of this site was on an Italian magazine. The article caught my attention because it described the site as a "place" in which you can find every sort of cloths and acessorizes seen on tv and on movies. You may either be interested in James Bond's lap top or in Nicole Kidman's dress at the Oscars, they tell you where you can buy them or offer you some suggestions to buy something similar but not as expansive as theirs. Luckily I've just found a blog into this site which is named "celebrities" where you can find many news and comments about tv and film stars. If you are just willing to spend some minutes without taking into consideration anythng particularly serious, I suggest to take a tour into this blog!

The second blog I want to suggest you is to be found in

I started my research from Technorati as Sarah suggested us and I finally found a post that sounded me quite interesting. Its title is
Iraqi man with magnet in rectum causes bomb scare at LAX.
I found it both funny and scaring therefore I chose to enter its blog. There are not many comments to read but on the other hand it shows more than one links to articles and photos that explain you better what it is all about.

Talking about the language I can state that in you can find many different types of languages in the blogosphere. They differ from one another according to their readers and the site in which they are included. However I noticed that people use mainly an informal language to communicate in their blogs. There are some phrases that are even difficult to understand because the language in which they are written is extremely colloquial. Many blogs show either citations of articles or include video and audio files but the comments that follow them are all written in the same type of languge that can be defined as everyday slang!



Alessandra Peron said...

Alida, I clicked on the first link you provided, but what appears is a sort of search engine, not the site you describe. I don't know why, maybe you copied the wrong link?

As for the second one... weird news item.

martina said...

Dear Alida,
like Alessandra, I clicked on the first link but no blog appeared. I was redirected to a page from Wikipedia...I'm so sorry, but I think you copied the wrong link...
Anyway, I was really surprised by the other one...strage news on the internet...

Alida said...

Dear all,
I'm so sorry!I've just tried to solve the problem with the link and now it should work! So Let's visit it!
Best wishes!

Alessandra Peron said...

Thanks for fixing it, Alida.
If I have to tell the truth, I don't care all that much about Britney Spears's hair or Paris Hilton's TV appearances, but I think blogs on gossip can be useful if we want to see colloquial (American?) English and learn some new expressions. The language in this blogs seemes to be very informal indeed. Some of the pictures are amusing, as well.

viola said...

Dear Alida,
the first link is really nice!It might be superficial but I find it interesting to see what celebrities wear or where they go shopping! It also makes them more real (even though most of us can only dream to buy what they wear!)!

Elena said...

The topic might not be as useful as other blogs, but I think you've been brave and I liked it. The content is frivolous but still it points out a cultural aspect. There are people who are more interested in literature, in travels, in sports and so on. We might not be interested in what Paris Hilton wears, but there are many other American personalities known and admired all around the world: for better or for worse American stars function as models and myths.
If one wants to learn new words,informal and idiomatic expressions while having some fun this blog is perfect. In the rear, there isn't only one way to learn!