Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Exploring the blogsphere
I found these two blogs quite interesting and also funny.

As all of you, having chosen to study foreign languages, I like travelling and having news about foreign countries and locations, that's why I was looking for a blog about travels and 'travelblog' was the most complete I found out! Travel Blog is a collection of travel journals, diaries and photos from around the world. If you want a tip about where you could spend your next holidays or if you want to read any adventurous accounts of other people's travels just have a look!

Concerning the other blog (themovieblog), I have to say it's really curious because there, you can find any kind of comments about both recent and old movies. It is not a news site, although you can get a lot of news there, but rather a place to give thoughts and opinions on movies and movie news. There is every kind of compliments but also of negative critics to movies plots and actors. If you liked or disliked a film, it is interesting to visit the site and see what impression other people got from that same film!

About the language used in the blogs, I have to point out it is quite informal and the strucure of the site is really interactive, with links to other blogs, to other web sites, to pictures, to the comments and also to multimedia files.


Alessandra Peron said...

Hi Ilaria, thanks for the link to Travelblog... it includes really a huge number of travel journals, and a lot of pictures, too! I had a look at the posts for Munich in Germany (I went there in the summer of 2005) and was reminded of the wonderful time I had there.

As for themovieblog... I'll recommend it to my brother, who is always looking for new films to see, and usually picks the weirdest ones he can find.


martina said...

Dear Ilaria,
I really enjoyed both your blogs.
The first has really beautiful photos and posts from nearly everywhere...and the second one is simply wonderful! You can really find anything about movies. And there are also some videos...

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Ilaria, even thought I don't like the blogs about movies, I think I will suggest it to my brother, who loves goinh through them and findinf information about new films.The other blog was much more interesting, I will add to my list of blogs and links.

susi said...

Hi Ilaria!
I realized today that we chose the same blog... I hope you do not mind:-) It seems as we have something in common: we both really liked this travel blog.. I wrote my blog description in word and when I pasted it I did not realize that you had already added this blog in your description! Sorry, it is my fault... Next time I will be more careful about it!
see you soon

ilaria said...

Dear Susi,
there's really no problem about that!
I was happy to see that somebody else chose the blog I had chosen! This means it is really interesting and that it is worth visiting it! Go and read my comment to your post!