Friday, March 09, 2007

Exploring the blogsphere

This task made me crazy! I spent all my afternoon surfing the Net trying to understand how Technorati works! Considering that I did not know this site before and that I am taking part to a blog for the first time I had difficulties in understanding how Technorati works and in finding interesting blogs. This site is so full of links to different blogs or tags that once you start opening them you get completely lost and confused.
However, I looked for my two favourite topics: fashion and rugby. After a huge number of researches I noticed that there is a difference between fashion and rugby blogs: there are not so many blogs about rugby so it is easier to decide on which one you want to take part to.
Moreover, looking for rugby in the blog directory I found two interesting blogs which I recommend particularly to rugby supporters: Rugby ( and Rugby Six Nation (
In Rugby you can read a number of supporters' comments about the last matches of the Six Nations Championship and the rugby players' performances with links to players' interviews and rugby official sites as or
Then I particularly recommend Rugby Six Nation because it is a useful guide in many ways. First you can find explanations about rugby rules, what rugby is and how the Six Nations Championship works and then there are some interesting posts with links to hotels and accommodation in general. I think that this blog can be very useful not only for rugby supporters in order to find recommended hotels, pubs and restaurants abroad but also for people who do not know rugby at all.
I looked for rugby in blog posts, too, but none of the blogs proposed were interesting. There only were blogs about personal daylife experiences with people writing a sort of diary that included rugby only as a weekly activity.

Later I took into account fashion and I looked for it in the blog directory where I got lost in a huge amount of blogs, they were thousands! However, I did not find what I expected. Taking into consideration that I love fashion I was looking for blogs about clothes, handbags, shoes or about the new fashion trends but I did not find them maybe because they were too much. Even A Socialite's life that caught my attention revealed itself as a blog concerning Hollywood stars' gossips. In this blog people give advice and personal opinions to what has happened to American stars. However, this blog has two positive aspects: on the one hand it is really funny because people judge, e. g. Tom Cruise's life and choises, as he was their best friend! And on the other hand it is aesthetically better presented than those about rugby. There are a lot of colours, pictures and links to gossip newspaper as The Sun.

Talking about language I noticed that people in blogs use colloquial and informal English, blogs are full of slangs and short forms maybe because people feel themselves confortable, they want to express their personal opinions and catch other readers' attention. Surely, they are not writing an article for a national newspaper! Nevertheless, I noticed that in rugby blogs people use an informal English but more accurate and less colloquial than in fashion blogs. Then blogs are written in order to share information and this is why there is a large use of links to official sites and newspapers.

Shoun (aka Tania)


Erica Buzz said...

Dear Tania,
I'd like to tell you that it was very interesting reading the blogs you suggested about rugby, and in perticular the "Rugby Six Nation Cerloa", because there were many interesting information about this sport which is not so popular in Italy. The blogs I did not like so much were those about the Hollywood's stars. Usually I don't like reading neither magazines nor infotmation contained in Internet, because of the quite negative consideration I have about them. I think the majority of stars are not worth being so loved, because of their usual behaviours and use of money.

shoun said...

Erica I agree with you I don't like these type of gossips either because they are stupid and make no sense. I don't care about the "problems" of these billionaires! Tania