Friday, March 09, 2007

Exploring the blogsphere

I have to admit it is not so easy to find some interesting blogs in the net... there are so much and many of them I didn’t understand what they are about...but at the end of my research I succeeded in finding something nice!

The first one is Worldnomads: it is a travel blog, where people change their own experiences, describing places and giving advices. It is well organized, clear and contains a lot of useful information and curious photos. I had fun reading the descriptions of some trips in Italy and the misadventures of the writers! If you’re curious and like travelling all over the world it is a very useful blog!
The second one is Weblog Awards 2006: it is the blog for the world's largest blog competition. I chose this one not for this specific blog because it is nothing special (you even cannot insert comments!), but because there is the list of those blogs who wan this competition last year, 45 blogs voted by people! It is interesting see what blogs are considered so well done to gain this prize...

As for the blog style, I think there isn’t only one correct way of writing your blog posts or comments, but you have to choose the most correct one (formal or informal) thinking about the topic you are going to talk about or to comment. So, you can find a very specific blog with technical information written in a very informal style, whereas all the personal blogs you can easily find in the net are written with slangs and colloquial expressions. Often there are useful links to other blogs dealing with the same topic, or to single posts of other blogs, even more useful if your looking for very specific information. In one blog I found rather than the word “comment”, “intelligent comment”...a clear message to try to control the readers’ temptations of writing something stupid or incongruent with the main issues of the posts.


Elena said...

Dear Alessandra,
I really like the idea you had!! I had the same intuition but I didn't manage to find the blog I wanted. I'm happy you did so we can have a general idea of how the best blogs are biult!
I liked also the travel blog you pointed out. I think it is similar to the one I chose. I enjoyed reading the stories collected.

Alida said...

Dear alessandra,
I've just finished to read the blogs you chose. As far as the first is concerned I must tell you that I really liked it. I read some of the posts and what I enjoyed most was one by an American guy who lives in Italy. One of his posts dealt with the weekend he spent in Venice. It was really funny!
Talking about the other link you gave, I think that it was nice even if a bit confusing because there were too many blogs to look at.
Well done Alessandra!
See you in class

Erica Buzz said...

Dear Alessandra,
I have just finished reading your blogs. I particularly liked the first one, where I found many comments about travelling to China.
One person wrote that he/she had the biggest difficulties in using the Chinese currency. For sure I can swear you, given that I followed a Chinese course last year, that the use of this currency is really difficult. What I did not know was that, if someone decides not to travel with an interpreter or a guide, one can be helped by interpreters via mail, who can help you via telephone or mail communicate with everyone.
That sounds to me strange and new,and I would like to thank you because I have learned something more about a place I love and hope to visit soon!

martina said...

Dear Alessandra,
I really like the blogs you chose: the first one because I like travelling and here I can find some useful tips and ideas while planning my next holidays; the second one because I think it's a good thing to know what is going on in the blogosphere...

Alessandra Peron said...

I had a look at the Weblog Awards and it looked interesting. Now we know where to look for inspiration on how to develop our blogs!
The bloggers who invite readers to leave "intelligent comments" had a good idea, but I don't think that will be enough to stop people from posting useless and/or completely random comments...

erica bergamin said...

Hi Alessandra!
In my opinion, the first blog you have found out is a really interesting one! In fact, I have really liked reading here and there through the Worldnomads blog. Have you seen the "highlights"? The comments about food were really nice. I think I will come back to that blog to learn more about it, so thank you for your good advice!!!=)