Thursday, March 08, 2007

my favourite blogs

Today, the first word I have searched on the Technorati homepage is Coelho. Paulo Coelho is definitely my favourite writer. I have read all his books and I was curious about reading other people’s opinions. I came up with many different things! First of all, I’ve found out that there is a permanent link to Paulo Coelho’s blog, where the author himself answers his readers. Moreover, there are links to other pages where several themes he develops in his books are discussed: everybody can leave a message and express his/her opinion. I have found this page about Daily Miracles extremely interesting. So many experiences and opinions shared, isn’t that great? What do you think? Another page about him I really like is this one about the path, the story he tells here is wonderful, as always, and some replies are very nice, too.
Moreover, looking here and there I’ve found a very nice page of a girl who talks about happiness, expressing her feelings through a passage taken from an article written by Coelho. I think what she says is very beautiful and friendly.
As I like karate and practised it for many years, I’ve also looked for this word in Technorati, but I must admit I am a bit disappointed, as I have found only links to pages that advertised a certain course or school. That’s a pity! I thought I could find some history or some opinions about this important art but nothing! Then suddenly I have seen an interesting title: The rich legend of martial arts...but unluckily it refers only to Kung Fu!!!
As regards how blogs are written, I think there is a little bit of everything on the blogosphere. in fact, I think one can find from extremely formal to extremely informal blogs. But what I’ve seen so far gives me this impression: the main tendency is to write in a very informal (in certain cases also in a rude) way, especially when it comes to write comments and comments to the comments.
In my opinion, links are used on the blogosphere in two ways: in the “main page” it seems to me that they are used to give extra information; in the posts they are used mainly to advertise another blog. The blogosphere seems to me extremely big and various, in fact I get lost very easily!!! Does this happen to you?!? =)


Tathiana Sobroza said...

Hi Erica!

Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for mentioning my blog in yours as well.

BTW, you have a very nice blog. I love the concept of exploring the blogsphere! I also like the idea of many bloggers together. It's very rich.

I'll definitely come back. :o)

baiguai said...

I hear what you're saying about finding 'non-school' blogs etc. I am the creator of kung fu artistry - where you found the Rich Legends of Martial Arts article. While I myself train in kung fu (traditional shaolin), I try to learn and write about all martial arts styles - usually thoughts, history, opinions - basically what you were looking for in regards to karate. Actually the Rich Legends of Martial Arts was about the Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi. If you would like to explore my site more, I have done an entry about the history of Karate, as well as other styles.

Thank you for your link, good or bad, giving people an opportinity to see my work is a good thing. I am adding a link to your blog to my links page now.


erica bergamin said...

Hi Tathiana and Baiguai,
as you have seen, my classmates and I have already started to explore the blogosphere and I have to say that reading your replies really surprised me a lot. I'm finding out many interesting aspects about this new digital world I'm discovering! =)
I thank you both very much for your kindness!!!
Baiguai, actually I had seen only your page about Kung Fu, then today I have explored your site better and thanks to your link I have finally found the Karate page! I think your page is really interesting if one loves martial arts. Thank you so much!
Bye!!! =)

viola said...

Dear Erica,
thank you for the link to Tathiana's blog! What she says about taking our responsabilities is really beautiful and very true!I haven't had time to look at Coelho's blog but I think I will do it soon!