Thursday, March 08, 2007

Exploring the blogoshpere...

Before writing this post I spent quite a lot of time surfing the net and reading blogs...and I nearly got lost in the blogosphere! I found so many blogs related to my passions, that is to say professional translation and photography, but unfortunately many of them weren’t very interesting or useful. Anyway, this evening I found something that I think could be worth visiting.

If you like translating, I think these two blogs could be useful:

naked translations, an interesting blog by a professional translator and interpreter from English to French. Every post is about a word or deals with a given translation problem. The posts are usually short and the language is quite simple and informal. Here you can find comments from other translators, students or just people who like reflecting on how different languages work and what happens when you switch from one language to another. Sometimes you can find links referring to blogs dealing with the same problems.
about translation, an informative blog by – again – a professional translator. It deals with translation quality and CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) and the aim here is to help people who want to work in this field. The posts are very long and provide also some guidelines in order to write a “good translation”. You can also find many links inside the posts referring both to blogs and useful websites. The language is quite formal and technical.

If you would like to know what a young photographer from Vienna do, you can visit:

new york photoblog and journal of a photographer. Both of them are by Martin Fuchs, a freelance photographer from Vienna: the first is his old blog, whereas the second is his new website (but it’s organized like the blog). I think this resources are interesting because you can not only see some of his photos but also reading how he took them and when. Moreover, he tells us what he do in order to get a job or to have some of his photos published. His posts are quite long and the language is simple and informal.

I think every blog has its particular style and language, depending on their authors and on their subject. That is why I decided to choose some written in an informal language and one in formal (and quite informative) language. Anyway, usually you find more blogs where one blogger writes about a certain topic in an informal language.

Every blogger uses links in a different way, but only some of them have useful links dealing with the blog’s subject matter or with the blogger’s website or websites of interest.


Erica Buzz said...

This is what I thought while visiting the "New York photoblog". I went through many picture, but the one to catch my attention was that taken in June 2005 and called "a rooftop movie night". Here the photo represents a scene I would have never imagined: people are watching movie, sitting on the roofs of the wskyscrapers they live in...the photos are wonderful and reflect their author's perso nality, that must be very curious and wild.
How did you find this fentastic blog?

susi said...

Hi Martina!
I really like the blogs about photography! They are both striking. I could be looking ages at some of the pictures. Moreover, as you said in the description, this blog is very nice because you can read where and how the pictures were taken. I particularly liked the 'journal of a photographer' because I have been many times in Vienna and I love the city!
See you

Alessandra Peron said...

Martina, thanks for the link to "About translation"... it looks like a very good resource! I'm going to bookmark the page and go back later to read the archive as well.

I went away for the weekend and disn't have time to look at every single blog. I think I'll explore the one about photography sometime during next week.

Alessandra Teso said...

Dear Martina, I like your blogs very much: the one about translation can be very useful, the other two about photography are very interesting and curious! While I was looking for something interesting in the net I found many photoblogs but most of these give too less space for explanations and comments... The journal you suggested is on the other hand very complete!